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Suri Cruise Still Sucks On A Pacifier — And She's Almost 5!

Wed, March 9, 2011 10:36am EDT by 12 Comments

First a bottle and now this!? Tom and Katie, Suri is turning 5 next month — stop treating her like an infant!

She might strut around in heels and carry $1,750 Dolce & Gabbana bags, but Suri Cruise is still being babied by her parents, and this proves it! The 4-year-old (she turns 5 on April 18) was seen sucking on a binky in Vancouver, Canada yesterday, March 6, while out picking up some cupcakes for dad, Tom Cruise, with mommy, Katie Holmes. Is it just us, or is this ridiculous? A 5-year-old should NOT still be using a pacifier!

Opinions vary, but many experts advise to take away a pacifier when a baby is around six to 12 months-old. So Tom and Katie, you’re WAY off.

“Babies are born with very few strategies to soothe themselves, sucking being one of them,” pediatrician, Dr. Ari Brown tells “But once a baby is 4-6 months of age, they begin to have other strategies to calm and self regulate. That’s when I recommend removing the pacifier. After that it becomes a crutch.”

But not only is it a crutch, but older toddlers who use a pacifier can eventually experience other problems — including issues with the development of their teeth and speech. “While it doesn’t have a longterm impact on the teeth unless kids are still using a binky when their permanent teeth come in around age 5, it does encourage kids to remain very oral,” Dr. Brown adds, “sticking other things in their mouths which can potentially lead to illness.” But Suri will be 5 next month! Is this affecting her dental health?

Tom and Katie, take the binky away… actually take the bottle away, too!  Not only is it bad for her, but it might affect her daily life — social skills and activities. HollyMoms, what do YOU think?

–Leigh Blickley

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