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Bonnie Says: Teen Stars Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber Need A Break — They're Flipping Out At Paparrazzi!

Wed, March 9, 2011 6:52pm EDT by HL Intern 32 Comments

Miley and Justin — no one can really blame you for flipping out at the paparazzi that follow you around, but honestly, it says to me that you clearly need to take a career break!

Miley, you recently turned 18 and Justin, you turned 17 Mar. 1 and you’ve both been working non-stop for years! Miley, you just hosted Saturday Night Live and finished filming So Undercover in New Orleans. Your parents Tish and Billy Ray are divorcing, and Billy Ray recently spoke out in GQ magazine about how he is “scared” for you, and doesn’t approve of “the people around [you].”

Justin, you have toured non-stop, promoted your new film, Never Say Never, performed at the Grammys, the MTV Music Awards, on SNL, the Today Show, GMA, at the Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular, and more, given countless TV and magazine interviews, and now you’ve had your new relationship with girlfriend Selena Gomez analyzed up the wazoo and critiqued by fans.

Really, who could blame either one of you for finally losing it and lashing out at the easiest and most in-your-face target — the paparazzi.

Miley, you blew up at a paparazzi in West Hollywood today, Mar. 9, who you saw bump your mother Tish as the two of you left the California Chicken Cafe. To be fair, he brushed, more than bumped her, and he definitely invaded her personal space.

Justin, you uncharacteristically gave the finger to a photographer after your birthday dinner with Selena Gomez on Mar. 1.

The thing is, you’re both professionals who understand that the paparazzi may be a nuisance, but they are also part of the celebrity business that helps to make you the enormous stars that you are. You’re both used to the paparazzi and normally are friendly with them.

My guess is that they are misplaced targets for the stress you’re both feeling. You both live under enormous expectancies, but you are just teenagers, not yet the adults you are trying to be.

You both no doubt need a good, long vacation and a chance just to be teens.

So Miley and Justin — see your paparazzi flip outs for what they really are — a cry from your tired, stressed-out brains. You both need a break!  I hope the adults that run your lives see that too and help you!

— Bonnie Fuller

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Bonnie Says: Teen Stars Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber Need A Break — They’re Flipping Out At Paparrazzi!