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LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: Can A Relationship Work If Your Man Is 24 Years Older Than You, As Sean Penn Is With ScarJo?

Mon, March 7, 2011 4:20pm EDT by 10 Comments
LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: Can A Relationship Work If Your Man Is 24 Years Older Than You, As Sean Penn Is With ScarJo?

Scarlett Johnansson just loves older men — but does she have a real shot with a guy who’s old enough to be her dad?

I’ve heard of some strange couplings in my time, but wow — the thought of Scarlett Johnansson dating Sean Penn takes the cake. Not only is ScarJo in the process of divorcing the world’s hottest man, Ryan Reynolds, but at 50, Sean is 24 years older than her 26-year-old self. Do they have a fighting chance as a couple, or is their age difference just too great for them to last?

Let me say this: every situation is different. Scarlett has always had a thing for older men. She grew up in Manhattan and has always seemed (and felt, according to the actress herself) older than her age. She’s been a child actress since the age of 10. She already married an 8-years-older man, Ryan, and divorced him in part, allegedly, because of his “immaturity.”

Therefore, the thought of Sean and Scarlett isn’t as weird for her as it seems. Sean has a track record of being attracted to not-so-bright, much younger blondes (ex-wife Robin Wright-Penn was an exception); his big personality doesn’t seem to allow much room for anyone else’s in the relationship. He’s going to either spar with Scarlett in a good way, creating sexual chemistry, or he’s going to get sick of her refusal to back down and the two will combust.

So yes, I think a 24-year relationship age difference is too much even for the worldly Scarlett Johnasson. So I’m sure you’re going to guess what I’ll say about you dating an older man….

Don’t do it. If a man is old enough to be your dad, he may start treating you like one. I don’t mean this in an Electra complex kind of way, just more in the sense that an older man has been through more, and might think your lack of age and experience makes you — how shall I say this delicately? — an idiot. He may be dismissive of certain thoughts you might have, may have an overwhelming urge to protect you when you don’t really need help, and without the use of Viagra, may not have sexual urges quite as intense as yours.

If you don’t mind not having an equal partnership with your boyfriend, then by all means, be my guest. Date away! If you want to be protected, cared for and, essentially, treated like a child, a 24-year age difference shouldn’t matter in the slightest. But if you want an equal, not a sugar daddy, then do not do as Scarlett did. Stay away from the older man!


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