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Bethenny Frankel's Perfect Body Has The Mark Of Motherhood Too!

Mon, March 7, 2011 3:23pm EDT by 5 Comments
Bethenny Frankel's Perfect Body Has The Mark Of Motherhood Too!

Bethenny sports a pregnancy line that affects most mothers!

Bethenny Frankel might have a body to kill for, but she’s got a nagging side effect of pregnancy that marks 75% of women who have given birth!

Bethenny, 40, has a thin brown line running from her bellybutton down to her public region, and chances are most of you mothers out there have experienced the same phenomenon. The line is known as the linea nigra and occurs during three-quarters of all pregnancies. It’s caused by increased melanin pigment production due to an increase in estrogen, although the reason for such placement on the body is unknown.

Unfortunately, although the line fades over time, it sometimes stays forever. Exposure to the sun may also cause it to linger longer or come back.

Dr. Ellen Marmur, author of Simple Skin Beauty, spoke with about ways to lessen the line before and after delivery.

“The best way to lessen the line during pregnancy is through sunscreen and sun avoidance,” Dr. Marmur says. “And for 90% of women the line disappears about a year after delivery.”

For women who wish to expedite the recovery process, she says natural bleaching creams are a safe way to halt the production of new pigment. If the line persists, it’s possible to seek chemical peels or laser treatment to help return the skin to its natural color.