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Miley Cyrus Impersonates Justin Bieber & Mocks Her Bong Scandal On 'Saturday Night Live!'

Sun, March 6, 2011 9:17am EDT by William Earl 1 Comment

Miley dressed up as Biebs and called out her haters in a hilarious sketch!

Not only was Miley Cyrus hysterical hosting the March 5 Saturday Night Live, but in the best skit of the night, she  lampooned not only Justin Bieber but her own scandals!

Miley, 18, appeared as a guest on the recurring segment ‘The Miley Cyrus Show,’ where Vanessa Bayer cleverly impersonates the singer hosting her own talk show. The real Miley shocked the crowd where she swaggered out dressed exactly like her good friend Justin!

She had Justin’s mannerisms down cold and made sure to give plenty of faux-seductive winks, nods and hair flips. When referring to his image changes, Miley deadpanned, “I also do the middle finger now,” a direct reference to Justin’s recent displays of temper!

She also boldly addressed her own salvia scandal. When Vanessa brought up the fact that she (as Miley) was caught smoking, Miley (as Justin) replied directly into the camera, “You know what? There’s no reason why you wouldn’t, because it’s totally legal, yo!”

We didn’t know how Miley would fare on the sketch show, but she did a pretty excellent job of poking fun at Biebs as well as having a good sense of humor about herself!

— William Earl

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