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Charlie Sheen Goes On Epic 50-Minute Web Rant & Debuts His New 'Winning' Tattoo!

Sun, March 6, 2011 10:27am EDT by William Earl 1 Comment

Charlie surrounds himself with enablers as he desperately repeats catchphrases in a self-congratulatory stunt!

Charlie Sheen is doing anything to keep in the public eye, and his smug 50-minute March 5 webcast showed how desperate he is for attention!

Charlie, 45, debuted a sloppy, rambling web talk show called Sheen’s Korner on Ustream, which was an oddly tame redux of his mannerisms and catchphrases of recent weeks.

Backed by a motley DIY crew, the webcast was full of put downs and variations on his favorite phrases, including “warlocks,” “Vatican assassins,” and, of course, “winning.” Shockingly, Charlie decided to permanently commemorate his breakdown with a fresh tattoo of the word “winning” on his left wrist, which he revealed to viewers!

In addition, Charlie, clad in a t-shirt with a huge dollar sign on it, made plenty of fart jokes and even read some of his poetry.

It was a mess, but instead of being the oddly fascinating trainwreck his previous public appearances have been, it seemed derivative of his past insanity. Charlie either needs to come up with some new material or step away from the spotlight if he wants to retain his position as the craziest man in Hollywood!

— William Earl

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