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Leigh Says: Travis Barker, Put Some Pants On Your Daughter When She's Out In Public!

Fri, March 4, 2011 12:13pm EDT by 4 Comments

The Blink 182 drummer let his daughter go outside pants-free! Would you let your kids out of the house like this?

Travis Barker‘s daughter Alabama may only be 5-years-old, but for goodness sakes, she’s old enough to put some pants on — pajamas even! It’s different when you’re in the privacy of your own home, but a little girl shouldn’t be pulling a Lady Gaga.

Come to think of it, a lot of stars have been parading around in nothing but their skivvies these days. 52-year-old Madonna showed up at an Oscar after-party wearing nothing but a leotard and a sheer overlay. Mind you, she was with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes, who was probably petrified.

And there’s been a couple of times where Taylor Momsen, 17, actually left her pants at home, most recently when she grabbed coffee at Starbucks in 30 degree New York weather.

I’m not saying these women don’t have the bodies to flaunt it, but really? People should only be seen pantsless at the beach!

So Travis, is this something you allow or did Alabama throw a pants tantrum this morning before you left the house?  We really love your family’s alternative style, but this might be a little much. Even your son Landon‘s suspenders look too tight — loosen those up a bit for your boy.

HollyMoms, what do you think? Is it okay for little kids to go out in their underwear?


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