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'Teen Mom 2' Star Jo Rivera Releases A Rap Song—Click For Video! Exclusive!

Thu, March 3, 2011 2:06pm EDT by 11 Comments

Watch the video of Jo Rivera rapping below! Do you think he has the talent to leave Teen Mom 2 world and make it on the hip-hop scene?

Starring on a reality show just isn’t enough for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry‘s baby daddy Jo Rivera—he now wants to be a rapper, too! So what does Jo plan to sing about? “About being a father,” Jo tells exclusively. “The song ‘Life Of A Teen Father‘ is something I’m working on right now.”

“I’ve been doing hip-hop music and rapping under the name NICK-B (Nerd in a cool kid’s body),” Jo says. “I’ve created about 20 or so songs so far. I have a couple different faves: ‘Something is Missing’ and ‘When the Smoke Clears.'”

Jo wants to relay messages about “life experience with serious content” in his music. “One of the things that I felt was magical and truthful is about people that are out to get you and [to remember] that not everyone is on your side,” shares Jo. “They aren’t necessarily about people I know. But they are about people around me — I acknowledge that.”

So has Jo gotten a record deal yet? “Right now I don’t have a producer behind me — I just do some mix tapes,” notes Jo, whose uncle, Grey Stoke, acts as his temporary manager. “The music is in the early stages right now — working on artist development.”

And how does Jo expect fans to react to his talent? “I think a lot of people won’t take it seriously at first (because I’m coming off a reality show),” Jo admits. “But I think a lot of people see where I’m coming from and that I’m not trying to come off for money. People will see that I’m here for the love of music and of course I’m here for hip-hop.”

HollyMoms, now you have the chance to decide if you think Jo’s a talented rapper or not. Watch a snippet of his song ‘Life Of A Teen Father‘ below and tell us what you think. Does Jo have what it takes to make it in the hip-hop world?

– Lindsey DiMattina, reporting by Jessica Finn

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