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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: If You Refer To Your Relationship As 'Traumatic', Like R-Patz Did, Will It Last?

Wed, March 2, 2011 11:32am EDT by 7 Comments

Robert Pattinson is complaining about his relationship with Kristen Stewart — is this a bad sign or does he just like to gripe?

Here’s a tip for you, Robert Pattinson. Never, ever let on that your relationship is less than perfect! “It’s just very traumatic,” the British Breaking Dawn star recently complained in Vanity Fair. Gulp. Take it back, R-Patz — your words might get misconstrued, and you run the risk of seriously upsetting girlfriend Kristen Stewart!

Although the Twilight star was referring to the lack of privacy in his relationship with K-Stew, it’s so easy for his word choice to get taken out of context. Who ever wants to hear that their boyfriend has called their relationship ‘traumatic’? Exactly.

Just in case you fans are worried, Rob’s following comment drove home the fact that he and Kristen are fine. “When this is over,” he says, “the media will lose interest [in us]. There’ll be nothing to say. It won’t fit in a headline anymore. It won’t fit into a template.”

So are these two in trouble? All signs point to ‘no.’ They’re as bloody happy together as usual.

But in normal, non-vampire world, if your BF calls YOUR relationship ‘traumatic’, ‘upsetting’, ‘hard’ or ‘terrifying’, should you be worried? Again, make sure you’re putting his words into context, and not just hearing what you want to hear (my mom calls this ‘selective hearing’). However, any time your man uses words that are at all negative in reference to you, I’d leave fantasy-land behind and be aware that he’s not happy about something. Never ignore the signs when they’re right in front of your face.


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