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Galliano's Demise At Dior: Battle With Drugs, Drinking & Stress Revealed — Is He Headed To Jail?

Wed, March 2, 2011 9:47am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 3 Comments

Insiders weigh in on what led to Galliano’s arrest and anti-Semitic outburst that ultimately led to him being fired by Dior. New reports say the designer could be headed to jail.

Everyone, including Oscar-Winning actress Natalie Portman, was shocked when a video of designer John Galliano on an anti-Semitic rant surfaced on Monday. Insiders who have worked closely with the designer believe his behavior is a result of the personal demons he suffers, caused by drugs, alcohol, stress — and the loss of a close friend.

The NY Post spoke to a respected fashion journalist in the UK who said Galliano, who was always known for his erratic behavior, really began to unravel in 2007 after the suicide of Stephen Robinson. Stephen was his right hand man at Dior and his signature John Galliano line. According to sources, the designer blamed himself for the untimely death which occurred when he was out of town.

The harsh pressure of the fashion industry could have also been a weight on the designer’s shoulders. A London stylist went on to say, “I think everyone’s known [Galliano’s] been crazy forever, but to be honest, he’s not the only one in the industry. The sad thing is companies will let it slide while a designer is doing their job — instead of trying to get him the help he obviously needs.”

Many who are close to Galliano, including model Chanel Iman, were surprised by his behavior and think its out of character for the designer who is known for his love of multiculturalism. One London reporter said, “I was so shocked when I heard the news that I didn’t actually believe it until I watched that video online. Initially, I couldn’t believe it because — and so many fashion people have said this — what he did is so contrary to everything we know about him.”

Another veteran reporter says the whole culture of the industry could be behind it. “The fashion industry can really create monsters — people live in these bubbles where they are fawned over and celebrated,” says the veteran writer. “Nobody ever says no. They get exactly what they want . . . They are completely out of touch with reality because they don’t live in reality. I can see how [Galliano] has become this crazy, out-of-touch lunatic.”

Many are speculating that the speed in which Dior dropped the head designer is a sign that Galliano may not have been on the top of his creative game — and the fashion house wanted him out. “The speed with which they sacked him says a lot,” the source told Page Six. “If he was someone at the height of his powers, they would have stood by him until the evidence came out. [But] that immediate suspension was so harsh, they [probably] already had somebody else in mind [for the job].”

While reports claim close friends are trying to convince the designer to enter rehab, according to WWD it looks like he may be serving time for his disgraceful outburst. Under French law, the penalty for defamation can be a year in prison, a fine of 45,000 euros (which is $61,884), or both. For insult, he could face six months imprisonment and a fine of 22,500 euros (which is $30,942), or one of those penalties.

With Paris Fashion Week underway, Christian Dior will still show on Friday — although the future of the John Galliano show has yet to be determined.

Katrina Mitzeliotis