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Bonnie Says: Charlie Sheen, Losing Your Sons Has Brought You Down To Earth With Pain — You’re A Real Father!

Wed, March 2, 2011 2:30pm EDT by 14 Comments

Charlie Sheen virtually in tears: that was the most shocking turn this morning — you finally are facing real consequences — now that your two-year-old boys have been taken away.

Charlie Sheen, you unequivocally love your baby boys, Max and Bob, and you are sobering up FAST, now that the police have taken them away from you.

That was very clear from the interview you gave to the Today show this morning, March 2. You clearly did not expect your ex-wife Brooke Mueller to get an immediate court order to remove the boys from your care. You have just been smacked right back down to earth. Your shenanigans are over because someone has finally forced you to face the consequences of your ridiculously unbalanced behavior.

You looked like a father in pain in your Today show interview. A father who was fighting back tears. When you sent a message on air to your sons – “Bob, Max- its dada I’ll see you real soon,” you literally looked like you were about to break down.

It was a far cry from “Adonis blood, “Tiger DNA,” “winner” and every other bit of boasting you’ve done.

In fact, you seemed so sober, so bright and down-to-earth, it actually made me believe that maybe the crazy antics of the past few days- the grandiose interviews, the threats against CBS – have all been an “act”. You are an actor, after all.

I now think you were toying, playing a game with your former bosses and Chuck Lorre. You were teasing and taunting them, simply to annoy them – get under their skin. To try and show them that YOU were really the boss.

You never expected it to get serious. To get called on for your insane-seeming rants, and to lose what was most precious to you- your boys

I do believe you are sober now. But not just drug and booze- free. Now you are soberly realizing that your antics may have cost you what you love the most.

Tellingly, you didn’t call in for a scheduled Howard Stern interview this morning. Now, use this shock Charlie, to get and stay sane and clean.

Do that and you will get your twins home  – even if your  “goddesses” are still there.  Heck, you may even get your Two and a Half Men job back!

Charlie Sheen’s Twin Babies Are Being Cared For By A Porn Star. What An Idiot!


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