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Vivid Insider: Why We Don't Blame Celebs For Their Sex Tapes! Exclusive!

Wed, March 2, 2011 10:00pm EDT by 8 Comments

Celebs not only get to go on with their lives as if nothing bad has happened — they can end up even richer and more famous!

Ever wonder how celebrities like Kendra Wilkinson, Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson deal with their sex tapes hitting the market? Well Jackie Martin of Vivid Entertainment tells exclusively how and why celebs can get away with being exposed when their sex tapes go public.

Celebrity sex tapes –- the ultimate voyeuristic high. They let us watch people we know and care about  — in the most intimate of situations. Who can really look away?

Celebs having wild and enthusiastic sex has helped make “public” sex more acceptable for the rest of us — at least to watch. And the more celebrities do it, the fewer consequences they face in their own lives.

Pam Anderson started it all when she starred in one of the very first celebrity sex tapes way back in 1998, Pam and Tommy Lee Hardcore and Uncensored.  It certainly didn’t hurt her career.

More recent examples of celebrities who have done just fine after the whole world got to watch them getting it on include Kim Kardashian and her romp with Ray J in Kim K Superstar and Kendra Wilkinson in Kendra Exposed and the just released Tila Tequila Uncorked.

Pam, Kim and Kendra have moved onward and upward — and we think that Tila will too. These tapes show that celebrities are human and have sex — almost just like us!

Here’s the thrill — with these sneak peeks, we can decide: Do they do it better?  What positions do they prefer? Do they look as good naked as they do on the red carpet? Then there’s this — the candid-camera nature of these tapes almost always enables the celebrities to shrug off what at one time might have been an embarrassing revelation.

So why do we let them off the hook so easily?

Most of the time, it was never their intention to leak their tapes. But once they are out, there isn’t much they can do about it. The public gets its own celebrity fix — and even becomes a bit more sympathetic to the celebrity caught as an accidental bedroom star.

Vivid has tapped into the thirst for more celebrity sex by creating a special website called Unlike adult movies featuring professional porn stars, celeb tapes have an amateur quality to them and the sex is the result of two  — or more — people who feel some emotion towards each other. It feeds into the same basic reason we are all addicted to celebs:  we want to be invited into their homes and to their parties to observe their most private moments!

Now how does the public end up getting to watch these intimate and very personal “memoirs?”

Usually a “third party” brings the sex tape to Vivid. We at the studio aren’t usually told how this third party acquired the tape. Steven Hirsch, the head of Vivid, receives calls from third parties every day and so do I. How do we decide who you need to see in the all-together?

“We’re careful about which celebrity sex tapes we choose to distribute,” says Steven.  “These movies have appeal across several demographics and with both men and women. So we want to choose personalities that have a substantial fan base.”

In other words, clothes on or not, it’s all about star power.

— Jackie Martin