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LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: How To Handle Running Into Your Ex At A Party Like Taylor Did With Jake — What You Should & Should NOT Say & Do!

Tue, March 1, 2011 12:30pm EDT by 3 Comments

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal had a ‘serious’ discussion at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on Sunday — which was NOT the time or place to have such a conversation!

At 21, Taylor Swift is young — which is why she should be forgiven for making constant mistakes when it comes to love. Not only does the country cutie write about her exes in song (a definite no-no) and wear her heart on her sleeve, but, most recently, she had a deep discussion with ex Jake Gyllenhaal about where their relationship went wrong — at the hottest party of the year. So what should Tay have done instead?

“They were outside near the restroom having a discussion,” a guest at Vanity Fair‘s uber-exclusive Oscar bash said. “It seemed a bit more serious – it certainly wasn’t a ‘Hi, how are you?’ talk. It seemed like they were catching up, sorting something out.”

Yikes! A) you should never have an awkward talk about where you went wrong on a night of celebration and B) you should never have such a serious, private discussion in public (never mind around fellow A-listers)! Tsk, tsk, Taylor!

So what should the blonde songbird have done when confronted with the presence of the man who very recently broke her heart? I’d advise her to be the bigger person, and act like an adult. At 30, Jake is 9 years older than Taylor, which may have been part of the problem in their relationship from the get-go.

When you run in the same circles as your ex, it’s inevitable that you’re going to see one another out and about, so be prepared. Taylor was looking absolutely gorgeous, so she should have had the confidence to approach Jake and say a simple, ‘hello, how are you doing?’ No loaded questions, no intense discussions, no drunken revelations, please: leave those things at home. Granted, Taylor isn’t an actress (I refuse to count Valentine’s Day as an indication of her acting ability) but it doesn’t take much effort to be polite and quickly walk the heck away.

DO NOT cry. He may have hurt you beyond belief, but you’re a mature individual. Show him that you’re happier without him. If that isn’t your usual approach, he’ll be so baffled that he may even come calling again — but that’s up to you as to whether or not you’ll answer.

So let’s recap, shall we? DO be casual and DO NOT avoid him. DO NOT have an intimate conversation in public and DO NOT freak out if you see him with another woman. DO look fabulous and DO have the time of your life. You’re single and want to mingle, right? Then prove it!


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