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Charlie Sheen's Manic Phase Means He Could Be Bipolar, Experts Say! Exclusive

Tue, March 1, 2011 1:10pm EDT by 1 Comment

Charlie’s crazy rants and mood swings in his wild string of  TV interviews make everyone wonder if he’s mentally unstable. Experts tell us what they think is going on inside his troubled mind. And they say he needs help now!

What’s going on in Charlie Sheen‘s head that’s causing him to act out so much? Experts think that Charlie may be experiencing a manic episode  — which signifies that he may have an underlying psychological issue like bipolar disorder.

“I believe without examining him, that he seems to be having some sort acute manic episode,” Dr. Jeff Gardere, a New York psychologist and contributor to, tells “It means that there may be some sort of bipolar disorder and that he’s in the manic stage.”

“It looks like he’s exhibiting manic symptoms and poor impulse control because he doesn’t seem able to stop himself from destructing in the spotlight,” confirms Dr. Carole Liberman, a Beverly Hills psychologist. “One of the diagnoses one would have to consider is manic depressant, if he truly hasn’t been using substances.”

If Charlie is going through a manic phase, reality TV’s Dr. Drew Pinsky explains that people in this state are “more likely to kill themselves or hurt themselves.”

He says it’s imperative that Charlie be placed in a hospital to be observed. “It’s a really big deal,” he told

Even if Charlie appears lucid and in control at times during his parade of TV interviews, it’s the moments where he goes off on tangents that suggest something may be very wrong.

“That’s why his thoughts are so grandiose and expansive,” says Dr. Gardere. “Even though he’s focused and intelligent, he’s not always in control — that’s why he says such outrageous things.”

So does Charlie appear to be aware that he may have a psychological disorder?

“It could be that he was not aware of a mood disorder and was self medicating,” Dr. Gardere says. “Or he might have known about the mood disorder, and the drug abuse has exacerbated the underlying mood disorder.”

But before a therapist could diagnose Charlie, Charlie needs some time to get fully clean from any addictions.

“It’s hard to diagnose someone when they first come off drugs, it’s an emotional time where they have mood swings,” says Dr. Jenn Berman, psychotherapist and host of The Love and Sex Show with Dr. Jenn on Serious XM. “It takes one to three months of sobriety before a therapist could accurately diagnose bipolar disorder.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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