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'90210' Recap: Naomi Turns Blue, Adrianna Confronts Silver & Emily Gets A Nasty Surprise!

Tue, March 1, 2011 12:42am EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments
Photos courtesy of CW

Naomi goes geek crazy and Adrianna gets mean on the Feb. 28 episode of ‘90210!’ Plus, who is leaving West Bev for good?

Even hot chicks have to throw themselves at a guy sometimes, even for the most unlikely pairing.  Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) has been trying to seduce her nerdy lab partner Max and she’s been dealing with rejection.  It’s about time she had to work for something and not get it at the snap of her fingers. Now Max has full control! What else happened on tonight’s episode of 90210?

We caught Naomi in the library dressed up like a sexy school girl trying to grab Max’s attention — this nerd is way too smart for his own good! He played hard to get, isn’t that adorable? The best part is when Annie (Shenae Grimes) catches Naomi in the act! “Naomi Clark in the library? The apocalypse must be upon us.”  Naomi then stripped down to a black bra and underwear with only a trenchcoat to top it off saying this is her “go-to” move. Of course it is. But Max didn’t fall for her bait until she embarrassed herself in a (still totally sexy) Avatar outfit. After his friends make fun of her Max admits her group isn’t the only snobby gang in West Bev, and I got goosebumps at how much Naomi likes him! Too bad it’s a secret relationship. Girls like Naomi still can’t be seen with nerds like Max… and apparently, vice-versa.

Now for the good stuff — Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Silver (Jessica Stroup). I can’t believe Adrianna pretended to blame everything on Lyla to force Silver’s hand. It was a good thing that Silver came clean about her affair with Navid (Michael Stegner), but karma bites! Adrianna sent out nude pictures of Silver and walked away stone-faced. She sort of deserved it though… even though Silver and Navid are so cute together she’s such a backstabber!

What’s going to happen now? This episode left with so many cliffhangers!  At least Annie sort of has her life back after the whole Emily (Abbie Cobb) and Liam (Matt Lanter) fiasco.  It kind of ended really abruptly with Annie and Liam’s clever trick to out Emily’s bad girl antics at her own surprise birthday party. It’s a relief she didn’t get between the couple though!

Now we have to wait until April 18th to see the 90210 kids again! So itching to know how this plays out! What was your favorite part?

— Amanda Chen