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Charlie Sheen Says CBS Is 'Destroying His Family' — Open Your Eyes, You Are!

Mon, February 28, 2011 3:40pm EDT by 2 Comments

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In a bizarre and disturbing interview with the Today show, Charlie reveals that his kids will be “winning” when they find out about all his antics. And don’t worry: the porn star is watching them!

Rather than blabbing on about himself and his “Adonis DNA,” Charlie Sheen, 45, finally mentioned his five children and the effect all of his drama will have on them. When Today‘s Jeff Rossen asked Charlie if he’d be embarrassed when his young kids find out about what’s going on, the Two And A Half Men star replied, “God no! Talk about an education.” He needs an education if he thinks this is all OK!

Charlie continued his crazy rant, saying his kids will “get all the answers and the truth,'” from him when they discover what he’s done. “Wow. Winning!” he added.

Charlie, do you really think your 26-year-old daughter Cassandra thinks she has won? And we’re positive Sam, 6, Lola, 5 — his children with Denise Richards — and his 1½-year-old twins with Brooke Mueller, Max and Bob, won’t consider themselves “winners” either when they are old enough to understand the situation.

The twin boys, who live with Charlie, are fine. Or so he says.  His babysitters include his two young blonde “goddesses” (one of them a porn actress).  “Everybody here is parenting the kids,” Charlie tells “They’re running into walls, but they’re screaming ‘Da-Da’ when they do it.”

“Charlie Sheen has lost touch with reality,” psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman tells “Not only is he self-destructing, but he is creating a legacy of interviews and bad choices that will haunt his children for the rest of their lives.” We agree!

Charlie blames CBS for “trying to destroy his family.” Really? Charlie, you’re doing the destroying! “Defeat is not an option,” he says of the war between him and the network,”they picked a fight with a warlock.”

Jeff Rossen seemed to be as confused as we were and asked Charlie, “How [is CBS] destroying your family?” Charlie answered by saying, “They’re trying to take all my money and leave me with no means to support my family,” adding, “it’s not rocket science.” Crazy!

How will Charlie win this war? With what he describes as “zeal and focus and violent hatred.” What a great educational lesson for your children, Charlie.

To make matters worse, Charlie told TMZ he “hopes” his five kids ask him about all of the drug use one day, so he can “fill in the blanks” on all of the “epic” stories.

Wow, it never ends. His poor, poor kids.

“The more he is exploited as fodder for entertainment, the more he will oblige by becoming increasingly outrageous,” Dr. Lieberman explains, “until this ends in tragedy for him and his children.”

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