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'Shedding For The Wedding' Recap — Overweight Couples Lose Weight, Viewers Lose Minds!

Thu, February 24, 2011 2:55am EDT by 1 Comment

The new reality show combines ‘Biggest Loser’ and ‘Bridalplasty’ by uniting the worst elements of both shows. Why?

Every bride and groom (?) longs to look their best on their wedding day and now, thanks to the fine folks at CW, America can watch that struggle first hand as nine couples attempt to shed pounds for their dream wedding in the new reality show Shedding For The Wedding. Why work out at home or your local gym when this is an option?

The premiere episode of this equal gender offender introduced everyone to the nine fine teams aiming for the emaciated wedding of their dreams, and clearly willing to go to any G-list fame inducing way of achieving that goal. No sooner had this crop of newly engageds been introduced to their trainers then they were competing in their first challenge — a dance-a-thon!

Well, rather a “dance-a-thon.” Maybe move-a-thon is a better word. The point is, they had to keep their heart rates up for the chance to win the wedding dress and tuxedo they clamored for as their own — the winners hoping their trek will continue and a sizing is included.

The awkward version of Jump Rope For Heart (minus the ropes) was seemingly endless, but the team of Laeresa and Stephen, who waxed poetic on their love of “dancing,” emerged victorious. Way to take the early lead guys!

From there it was nonstop workouts to get in shape for the teams, as the inclusion of a camera crew is crucial for such things in our society. The inevitable weigh in followed, where Lindsay and Chase joined Ginny and Marc in the bottom two, and up for the elimination challenge. A challenge that actually managed to make one miss the MTV slate of Real World/Road Rule Challenges of yore. You know, before contestants began utilizing it as an actual career.

The two couples were asked to bet how long they could keep a 200 lb. weight up via rope, with whatever couple claiming the longest time given the chance. Lindsay and Chase’s bet of three minutes was challenged by Ginny and Marc, and the two succeeded, sending their competitors home. Well, kind of home, as apparently the first seven eliminated couples come back to compete for their “fantasy” honeymoon. It all seems far to complicated from the network that brought us Hellcats.

On a positive note, host Sara Rue is adorable and is cuter than ever.

Look, weight loss is wonderful and admirable, but this? Monetary issues aside, couples can still look their best shedding pounds on their own time, away from a network. And, to be frank, if you really love the person you’re with, is a dream wedding that important? It becomes so conflicting to determine the character of anyone on these shows. Loved that Allyson from Bridalplasty, despised Jenessa.

That being said, I cannot wait to continue following this mess and discover who’s legit.

-Chris Spargo