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Has Heather Morris Become The Best Part Of 'Glee' — She's More Talented & Funnier Than The Entire Cast!

Thu, February 24, 2011 5:41pm EDT by 24 Comments

Forget Jane Lynch and Lea Michele, Heather Morris has slowly proved herself to be the greatest thing to come out of ‘Glee!’

Every cast member of Glee is phenomenally talented and, if nothing else, the hit show has introduced America to a new group of gifted actors. That being said, while Lea Michele can sing, Jane Lynch can deadpan and Matthew Morrison can sweater vest, no one on the show is more talented and hard working than the phenomenal Heather Morris!

What can I say? I love Heather. I mean, I LOVE Heather. There is no other actor that I look forward to seeing more on a show than Heather on Glee. I love 30 Rock because it is so well written and acted, I love Raising Hope for the amazing cast and these days, I love Glee solely for Heather (but props Naya Rivera — girl you be killing it…).

Heather, you are a hysterical gift from the Gods. And boy, can you dance. I mean, DANCE. You are a phenomenon when it comes to moving those feet. More than that, you can sing as well. But this all pales in comparison to your comedic abilities. Trust me Heather, you are the reason people have continued to watch Glee.

It may be gay sharks, untrustworthy kittens or solid-free diets, but everything out of your mouth is amazing. In lesser hands it might seem not as amusing or over-the-top, but with you it’s dynamite. You have become the best part of the biggest show in America — and all because of your talent and hard, hard work.

This is where I, as much as it pains me, explain what separates you from your costars. You are a wonderful slow bleed. You are so consistent. You look amazing. Did we mention what an amazing dancer you are?

So I end this love letter simply saying Heather, never, ever, go away. Like, ever.

-Chris Spargo

P.S. — You too Naya, stay put!


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