'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Corey Proposes To Leah & Jo Sends Kailyn Nasty Texts!

Wed, February 23, 2011 1:02am EST by 5 Comments

On the Feb. 21 episode of ‘Teen Mom,’ the moms struggled to find new homes — and people to live with!


As always, Jenelle Evans comes in with the most drama. She and her mother have just started getting along better. Next thing you know, her friend Autumn kicks her and her boyfriend Kieffer out of her house, leaving them scrambling for a place to stay. Kieffer actually pulls in a favor and gets his friend to let them crash near by at his beach house. The couple plans to move an hour away from Jenelle‘s mother Barbra and son Jace to look for more job opportunities. Jenelle lands one, but Kieffer is looking like dead weight when he comes back from the search empty handed (maybe it was his shorts and white t-shirt ensemble that drove prospective employers away.)


Kailyn Lowry is also trying to figure out her living situation, carrying over from the last episode. She and Jo are still fighting, so she figures she’ll get a second job and move out of Jo’s family’s house. He tries to disuade her from looking for a job, and tells her he still wants to work things out with her. She scores a second job, so she tells Jo in a text — and his response is downright nasty. I wont go word for word, but lets just say he regrets meeting her, having sex with her AND having a baby with her. But honestly, she hasn’t been the greatest to him. It wasn’t exactly nice of her to start dating someone else while living under Jo’s family’s roof.


Chelsea Houska‘s living situation isn’t ideal either. She’s now living full-time with Adam and her best friend Megan has pretty much moved out, because no one can get along with Adam. Chelsea wants to go to her prospective beauty school to see if she can get in with out a high school diploma or GED. Adam doesn’t even get out of bed to watch the baby! He just lays there and tells Chelsea to put Aubrey on the floor. Chelsea’s dad isn’t thrilled either. Adam’s not working and not paying his way. Her dad also isn’t thrilled to hear she has to go to GED school. I doubt she and Adam will last another episode.


As always, there is some light in the episode: Corey proposes to Leah Messer on a boat! But during what should be a happy time for the young couple, their friends and family think they’re taking things too quickly. Leah is adamant that with everything she and Corey have been through with baby Aliannah‘s medical problems, they can survive anything life throws at them. But now Ali’s eyes are crossing, so Leah has to take her to another doctor. The doctor says Ali needs to wear glasses and that the problem could be linked to her brain. She may need surgery! This really upsets Leah, who has to go buy baby glasses. She gets so upset, she can’t stop shaking in the store!

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Posted at 2:16 AM on April 4, 2011  

Chelsea and Kailyn both need to get their priorities in order. First priority is to take care of your babies and get an education. Stop worrying about trying to get a man. Kailyn did disrespect Jo’s family. What she did was totally unnecessary she could have told dude I cannot date you as long as I am living with them. Chelsea father needs to have more backbone and put his foot down on Chelsea. You don’t take in a man who is not committed to you and has no job. All she had was a bedwarmer. When you have a baby your life is not your own anymore. That means you cannot bring any and everybody around your children. That means you cannot hang out with you friends all the time because you have a child. It is now time to grow up and stop whining.

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arielle salgado

Posted at 1:28 AM on March 20, 2011  

all the girls on teen mom 1 and 2 if you girls don’t have boyfriends or husbands it ok you can go with you life if you boyfreind like jo calls you name just say ok or it goes right back to you but anyway you girl can a much better life without a guy or dude.O ya leah i can’t what for that new baby boy and chelsea a other kid and megan a kid now hope all you girls are happy because i am going to be a anut to a brother wife is having a baby boy i and i am happy for all of you girls and me but i love you all.
lve laugh life live. (:&:)

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Posted at 1:06 PM on February 24, 2011  

I also want to add…. parents of Jo… should be ashamed that they have not ONE but TWO sons that smoke pot…. what a joke….. and you think your own son is “righteous”… give me a break…. YOU should be thankful that Kailyn is letting you SEE your grandchild. ASwell THANKFUL that she is still there with the son… so you can see him full time…. hmmmm.. step up the plate you guys…. and give your son a whupping for being such an idiot. You guys need to smarten up Jo… and tell him to grow up…. and support Kaiyln more…. she is doing a great job… and I am sorry I am glad she is seeing another man… not your son JO who is a sorry excuse for a human being…. in fact he’s not a human being!!!! He’s an a**!

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Posted at 11:56 AM on February 23, 2011  

I feel for Kailyn, she’s stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. You should never be with someone because you HAVE to. It’s a shame her mother won’t step up and help her. Jo showed great immaturity. Words are powerful tools, and he sure used them to hurt Kailyn. Complete lack of respect and compassion!

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Posted at 1:00 PM on February 24, 2011  


I feel for Kailyn. She has a tough choice to make but she is DOING a great job for being a young mother. I am angry at the person who wrote this for saying that “she is not responsible for living with Jo and seeing another man”….. the writer should be eating your own words and foot because WOULD you rather stick to a man who DOES nothing and just belittles you and you are on your own… living in bf’s parent’s house in the BASEMENT and the son gets to sleep in the fathers room… HOW ricdiclious…. SHE is seeing a better man… and the boyfriends family.. JO’s family should be supporting Kailyn not JO for his lack of parenting and boy they should be ashamed for raising a son who is a complete a**hole who belittles the mother of HIS son….. what a lousy parent for insulting Kailyn she is doing an awesome job… Kailyn….. IGNORE everyone and take your son… LEAVE that hellhole…. and move on.. your better off without them. Keep dating that guy.. he is better than Jo! Trust me!! I have also been a young mother… but I am now 35 with a 15 yr old son… I had similiar problems but I am impressed with your determination.. keep it up! I am rooting for you!

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