Miley Cyrus Torn Apart By Dad Billy Ray — Is He Saving Her Or Using Her?

Wed, February 23, 2011 9:16am EST by 13 Comments

Miley’s relationship with dad Billy Ray seems to be completely broken now that he has voiced his disdain with her lifestyle publicly — but isn’t it his fault this all happened?

It appears that Miley Cyrus has no tolerance for people trashing her in the press – especially those that pushed her into the public eye! US Weekly reports, “Miley is pissed off at her dad for talking to the press. She’s done with it.” Has the Cyrus family become the new Lohans?

A source close to Miley goes on to say that Billy is in no way doing this for Miley’s sake. “He was always upset he didn’t get as much attention as Miley. This is his way of stealing the spotlight.”

Bill infamously complained about Miley’s behavior in March’s GQ, saying he was scared for his daughter. It seems now however that his aims may not have been so altruistic. “She won’t talk to him anymore, so he sees no problem voicing his opinion to whomever will listen.”

“It is very important to me to work on mending my family right now,” Billy told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. A source seemed to echo this statement to saying, “Miley was reasoning with her Dad. She kept telling him it would be a bad idea because the ladies of The View would grill him the whole time. Plus, the show’s live, so he could easily say something he didn’t mean to say, which would only upset Miley more. Basically, Miley brought her concerns up and Billy Ray accepted it.”

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Is Billy just trying to get attention or really concerned?

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Posted at 12:22 AM on November 11, 2014  

hes has change his apperence over the years, as if hes trying to fit in and miley hung out with mike will made it and you can see billy ray cyrus taking pics with him and stuff. While trish cyrus doesnt much approve of mike will made it and she doesnt really approve of what miley cyrus is doing. But her father approves and he accepts the fact that miley cyrus is doing these things. So tbh if he really cares about his daughter behavior he would of said something a long time ago and he would of said something when she started out when she performed at the mtv awardsshaking her butt on robin.

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Posted at 1:40 PM on November 15, 2011  

Lmao Miley is hot yalls defs jellin get over yourselves

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Brandon Johnson

Posted at 8:23 PM on July 9, 2014  

I really feel bad for miley Because every body makes fun of her and makes parodys of her and if you ask me I’d say that I like her no matter what happens to her I will allways love her even if nobody on the hole in tire world liked her and I think that she shoud be able to do what ever she wants in her life and nobody shoud judge her for what she does and does not do right I love her no matter What

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Posted at 3:44 PM on October 15, 2011  

ok the father billy is does what is right. he is looking out for her and she thinks that being a slut is a good thing.

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Posted at 8:15 AM on June 8, 2011  

I think miley is rlly changing some pple think she is changing in a good others think in a bad way !
And Actually i can’t rlly decide whether he is doing this for attention or for her sake !!

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average joe

Posted at 12:06 PM on May 29, 2011  

Lets examine this shall we?

He was a one hit wonder, and his career went down the toilet with his epic mullet, which btw is the only thing people remember about his career, that and achey brakey heart…yeah…thats a real talent showcasing gem right there! :/

Mom is a groupie who has moved from dad, to random rockers, to a close relationship with her daughter, now in the public light and mad at dad…mom is also a loser. She is the quintecential “drivers wife”…think of Talladega nights…but like a raisin of her former young self…but she does not know this yet, so for now she is just a pathetic old groupie trying to meet a lot of people on her daughters coat tails.

Billy is now taking a back seat. Miley did not want to shove her mom to the side over her affairs with rock stars, and why should she? It isnt her fight, its between her parents. But Daddy got all butt-hurt that Miley still loved mommy after all that, and he was no longer the acting stage parent, so he publicly criticized his meal ticket-his daughter. When she was a tween and dressing like a hoochie, daddy was right there picking out the spandex and the make up and taking her to Hollywood parties so HE could rub shoulders and re-boost his never-was booming career…remember, he was just low profile, then a the Macarena. His daughter is getting her “adult press” and coincidentally hanging out with mom…so what a good time to bash on Miley…maybe the public will believe it think its all mom’s fault? PULEEZE!!

Bottom line…its Hillbillies with money and the drama is stupid. In 5 years we will be mocking Miley just like we do Brittney, she will be a drunken trainwreck, only there will be a reality show and a trailer park and some pregnant teenagers, while mom tries to sleep with all the old rockstars she can, and dad whines and complains and tries to sell tabloids.

This is a prime example of what Roseanne calls “your worst nightmare, white trash with money”.

And I am right…totally. I know this for a fact. Anyone may dispute me, but you will only be wrong, as your opinions do not affect the facts. They are losers. All of them.

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Posted at 1:49 PM on April 3, 2011  

HA HA HA you kids are funny. OF COURSE HERE FATHER IS RIGHT.. Who ever said he is just stealing the spot light is a RETARD. lol he has been around and sure has had his fame. Miley is Ruining the family name. she turned country to trashy and useless. She cant even sing lol

She only got popular because of her father. she should thank him. As a matter of fact when miley went for the interview for Hannah montana they didnt even want her.. they wanted her father and he wasnt going to take it unless they took miley too. DUHHH

Think like Grown Ups ;)

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Posted at 11:42 AM on March 23, 2011  

i think he should let her do what she wants she is 18

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Posted at 1:19 AM on February 24, 2011  

It’s dark and he’s wearing sun glasses. The mom on the other hand is clearly living through her daughter.

Talented girl book-ended by a pair of self-serving crazies.

Can you say Lindsay Lohan Jr?

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Posted at 8:09 PM on February 23, 2011  

i think he is sincere bc miley is gone down the same path as lindsey lohan — there are pictures of miley partying and recently on youtube (i am told) of her smoking out of bong…she can’t blame her dad- he’s the one who helped her career, but now that “bad press” is out there w/pictures as well she wants to blame someone so she blames her father…miley grew up too fast, and i don’t blame that on him i am sure he tried talking about her –how her rep could go downhill hanging out w/the wrong ppl but she completely ignored it and now she’s paying the price but pinning it on her father…those disney kids are no goody two shoes thats for sure.

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Posted at 6:11 PM on February 23, 2011  

It sounds like Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus are talking again, and that’s good–and it sounds like Billy Ray is listening and respecting his daughter’s privacy, which is what he needs to do if he wants to avoid alienating her forever. Anyone who’s had an 18-year-old daughter should know that you have to cut the umbilical cord, stop treating them like you did when they were 10 and start respecting them as adults, especially if they are working, living on their own and supporting themselves. And I know lots of adults who have made far greater mistakes than Miley Cyrus has, so please, all haters, get off your high horse.

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Posted at 9:46 AM on February 23, 2011  

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Posted at 6:57 AM on November 28, 2011  

This is what i have to say about miley cyrus. Miley was my hero ive always looked up to her. I know i probably sound crazy but its true. ive always wanted to be like her but now that she is a slut no offence miley ive kinda grown off her. i loved miley and i loved there youtube show. i dont get why mandy and her tore apart its like shes losing her life it like she doesnt want to be famous anymore. i would love to be famous show kids they can make there dream come true. miley if you every read this i just want you to know that A LOT of little kids are looking up 2 you and they probably would love to be like you. You need to be who you were and not the person you are today cause let me tell you something your going to regret it A LOT. your dad feels like hes losing you. actually i bet your whole family feels like that. You have a little sister that is looking up 2 you and pretty much your showing her that going out smoking, going on stage wearing a swim suit what ever you where its okay. right now your a bad influence on a lot of kids. i really like you still ill still look up to you but im discusted with your behavior and i want you to know this because i woud like to be you. i would have loved to be on hannah montana. just know im still your fan and so are my little sisters but please try to be who you were:) i know your 18 or almost 19 and your an adult and you can do what you want but dont you want little kids to like you cause your sweet and you dress good? look be who you wanna be but dont regret it in life because right now your not being the real you! right now your being a fake and with your behavior you could possible end up in jail. I LOVE YOU MILEY CYRUS:) PLEASE read this and take my word. i love you miley cyrus. also i think you would have been good at hannah montana still i loved that show:)

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