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'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Finds Out Baby Ali Might Need Eye Surgery Tonight!

Tue, February 22, 2011 11:54am EDT by 5 Comments

Poor baby Ali! She already has development problems that keep her from walking—now doctors tell Leah that her baby might need surgery on her eyes if glasses don’t work!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer takes one of her twin girls, Aliannah to see the eye doctor, and sadly he has more bad news for them. Not only does Ali have development problems keeping her from learning to walk and use her arms properly, but now Dr. Tarakji tells Leah that the baby may have to get surgery if glasses don’t work to correct her eyesight!

Is baby Ali legally blind?

“She has this movement of the eye, what we call Nystagmus [involuntary movement of the eye],” Dr. Tarakji explains. “As a result of that, when your eyes move very fast like that, you don’t focus properly.”

“I also noticed that her eye is turning in,” continues the doc. “Because of the turning in, we need to fit her with glasses.”

Teen Mom 2 babies play while their moms film their reunion episode!

But if the glasses don’t fix the problem, they will have to take more extreme measures. “She needs to wear them all the time and I need to see her back in four months to reevaluate and see how she’s responded to the glasses,” Dr. Tarakji says. “If she continues to cross despite wearing the glasses, she might eventually require surgery to correct the eye and make it straight.”

Leah asks if Ali’s poor eyesight could be related to the nerve damage that Ali has possibly experienced. “She goes for a MRI in Morgantown. It could be caused from the nerve damage in her spine, if that’s what it is,” Leah questions.

Leah’s daughter could walk after therapy. Exclusive!

Unfortunately, the doctor tells Leah that Ali may be facing a whole new set of issues. “Usually this is something that is centrally controlled in the brain,” he informs her. “So if there is any damage in the spinal cord, it will not effect her eyesight. If it’s going to be any kind of problem, it’s going to be in the brain.”

Wow! Finding out that your baby has development problems is a parent’s worst nightmare. And it’s especially hard for mommy Leah and daddy Corey Simms to see Ali going through these battles while her twin sister, Aleeah, is growing and developing at a normal rate.

Good news! Baby Ali can see!

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 below and be sure to check back later at for your recap of this episode.

– Lindsey DiMattina