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'Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy' Was Irresponsible & Unacceptable TV — Did You Agree?

Mon, February 21, 2011 10:59pm EDT by 6 Comments

By creating an underdeveloped film that cared more about sex and partying than facts, Lifetime insults everyone involved in this now infamous event — from the victim to the possible suspects.

Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy was a bad idea to begin with. By creating a salacious look at a young woman on trial in Italy, regardless of her guilt, Lifetime seriously compromised public opinion of Amanda Knox, Meredith Kercher and Raffaele Sollecito. Let’s go through the many, many ways this television film was, quit simply, appalling.

Now, most people know the basic events about Amanda and the murder, but Lifetime felt little to no need to present the facts and events in any sort of straight forward manner. Furthermore, by creating interactions and dialogues with Amanda, Meredith and Raffaele, Lifetime created relationships and characterizations that in many ways could have been, and seemingly were, entirely false.

This would be one thing should this be a film such as The Craigslist Killer where the alleged suspect was already dead. This is a young woman in prison in Italy and for those who may look to this film as opposed to a paper for their information it is incredibly confusing and irresponsible.

It would be one thing if the facts of this story were in any way sorted or known, but there are still so many lingering questions. Lifetime should have done the right thing and waited, or tried to make a documentary or news story around the events, not this.

Did you agree HollywoodLifers?