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'90210' Scoop: Freddie Smith Confirms Teddy & Marco Will Go To Prom Together! Exclusive!

Mon, February 21, 2011 5:27pm EDT by Andy Swift 2 Comments

Is West Bev ready for its first Prom Kings? Freddie won’t say, but will open up about Teddy & Marco’s ‘mature relationship!’

On last week’s 90210, we met Marco (Freddie Smith), West Bev’s openly gay star soccer player. But more importantly, Teddy (Trevor Donovan) also met Marco — and Freddie says good things are coming for the new “it” couple. “It’s just a really mature relationship,” Freddie tells exclusively. “With a lot of the couples on the show, there’s a lot of cheating and all that, but I think this relationship has a solid foundation. It could grow into something really good.”

Since Teddy and Marco come from two different worlds — Teddy’s rich and Marco’s not — how does that shape their relationship?

“It’s a good growing experience. That stuff doesn’t matter. It’s just a mature decision Teddy makes. It’s all about falling in love with someone no matter where they’re from and showing a lot of maturity in that character.”

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How was your first kiss with Trevor?

“We did our first kissing scene, so that’s coming up. It’s just another scene, you know? To me, it was just another day, another scene. It was just a fun scene do to. You walk out, give a kiss, and go on.”

Do you feel any added pressure to give a voice to gay teens through this character?

“There’s a lot of stuff going on in society right now, and it’s nice that I can stand up and talk about how I feel. It’s a platform for me, so I can speak out and help people. And entertain, as well. Make it fun. And I really hope someone gets something from this in a good way.”

Now let’s talk prom. Are you going together?

“Yes, we are going to go prom together.”

Any chance for a King and King?

“Uh… you’ll have to wait and see about that one.”

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