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Jessica's 'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Poor Jenelle Missed Baby Jace's First Steps!

Wed, February 16, 2011 2:35am EDT by 4 Comments

Feb. 15 was not the best night for the teen moms: Chelsea’s boyfriend texted her to move out & Kailyn went back into Jo’s. Drama kids, lots of drama.


Oh Jenelle Evans — t doesn’t get easy for you, girl! Jenelle and her mother began the episode not speaking at all, and she’d been crashing at a friend’s house for the past week. In that time, little Jace had started walking and Jenelle missed his first steps! On top of dealing with that news, she also needed her mom Barbra to sign papers for her to get financial aid for college. Thankfully, Barbra and Jenelle start speaking again and Jenelle was able to get her school papers signed. Of course, by the end of the episode mom and Jenelle were at it again, this time arguing about the four-wheeler Jenelle bought Jace for his first birthday. Jenelle and her mom can’t see eye to eye on anything!


Chelsea Houska‘s dad figured out her ex is back and living in the home he’s been renting for Chelsea and her roommate Megan. First off, it needs to be pointed out that NO ONE in the house is actually PAYING rent. Rent is entirely paid for by Chelsea’s dad. Enough said.

So Chelsea’s dad told her it was time for boyfriend Adam to kick in on rent. Adam complained that he has to pay $300 in child support as it is and can’t afford rent too. He also said that if he has to pay rent, so should Megan. That seems fair… except that he and Megan don’t get along at all! The friction between him and Megan created palpable tension in the home. Adam ‘joked’ to Chelsea he was going to text Megan that if she didn’t pay rent she needed to move out… but he actually DID text her just that the second he left the room!  And Adam’s well-written text reads; “If you cant pay rent or nethen then you gotta move out!.” Class act here, kids.


There had to have been be a ray of sunshine in this episode, right? It couldn’t be all bad news and drama! Thankfully, Leah Messer and Corey Simms are doing pretty well! Leah took baby Aliannah to the physical therapist and was told Aliannah will need some work to catch up to sister Alleah, but things now seem less insurmountable for the baby girl who was once reported to possibly never be able to walk.  Corey and Leah even got a quality date at a fair where Corey joked that he wants a baby boy now. Leah replied that she’s now on birth control for the first time in five years! (ummmm, yeah) so that won’t be happening anytime soon.


Kailyn Lowry and Jo began the episode kicked out of Jo’s house because his parents were sick of the two of them fighting all the time. Kailyn met up with her mother and said she wants to get her own place, but she can’t afford it, and that she was going to tell Jo about her end plan: to move out of his parents’ house.  Jo was really excited that his dad was letting him and Kailyn back in the house, but Kailyn was less than thrilled. She tolf him she was glad to be moving back in because she had no where else to go, and she really wanted to be on her own. Jo seemed crushed and old her she gives him mixed signals.

— Jessica Finn

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