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'Glee' Has Officially Jumped The Shark With Over The Top Sue Sylvester — Cool It Or Get Rid Of Her!

Wed, February 16, 2011 3:29pm EDT by 9 Comments

What was originally a hysterical character has become a ridiculously dramatic and entirely unamusing part of an otherwise great show — make some changes guys!

When Glee first aired there was nothing funnier than the misanthropic and outright mean Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). She hated the glee club, children, adults and pretty much every living thing — but somehow in a believable way. These days however, she is shooting people out of cannons, destroying the school and writing fake Sue-icide notes. This is ridiculous.

Now we understand Glee requires some suspension of disbelief. Young men do not burst out in song at the Gap, cheerleaders do not perform routines involving BMX riders and fire displays and no one likes vests that much (sorry Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison)). These situations however aren’t as problematic as believing Sue is going to potentially kill student Brittany (Heather Morris) by firing her out of a cannon.

Which brings us to another point — Brittany and Santana (Naya Rivera) are SAVING the show in the humor department. These two, who weren’t even series regulars until this season, are the best parts of the show. Between Brittany’s one-liners and hearing Santana exclaim things such as, “I’m from a part of town called Lima Heights adjacent,” we sometimes don’t even need Sue. Especially when she always seems to come with a ludacris plotline.

All we’re saying is tone down Sue and bring back the original sardonic woman she once was. At this point we keep getting nervous she is going to morph into some sort of extraterrestial or mythical beast and we are supposed to go along with it. It’s exhausting.

Do you agree HollywoodLifers?