Kate Gosselin Jets Off To LA For Valentine's Day & Leaves The Kids At Home! Exclusive!

Tue, February 15, 2011 1:36pm EST by 6 Comments


The eight little Gosselins cut out paper hearts and made Valentine’s Day cards — while their mom did TV in LA!

Kate Gosselin knows how to make sacrifices for her fame, even if it means ditching her kids on Valentine’s Day. The reality mom-of-eight flew to LA to appear Feb. 15 on the CBS show The Talk. But an insider tells HollyBaby.com she didn’t leave the kids with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin who lives right around the corner in Reading, Pa. She left them with the babysitter!

“Kate’s in LA right now,” our source says. “Jon saw the kids over the weekend but you would think she’d want the kids to stay with him since he’s their parent and in town. Jon works during the day with his new job but you would think she’d want them with him. So instead Jon and his girlfriend Ellen Ross had a quiet romantic dinner together.”

The Talk says it’s all about “discussing the issues that matter to them most, both in the headlines and at home.”

We wonder if Kate will mention the headlines she’s making!

— Elizabeth Murphy

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Posted at 7:26 PM on April 23, 2011  

Now really, why on earth would any woman hesitate to leave her children with a prize like Jon Gosselin? I mean, just because he is screwing a succession of 20 year old tattooed twinkies in tube tops, and keeps dragging her into court to try to take away her livelihood (yeah, the show is screwed up, but do YOU have a better idea for supporting 8 kids, jackwad?), and threatened to call CPS to extort money from her, and… oh, let’s not forget the fact that he didn’t care enough about being there for his kids to keep his d*** in his pants, and then moved away from them to NYC to work on his “career” as a professional idiot… let’s see… if I had a choice, would I leave my kids with this man-boy? Who will probably have a gum-chewing bimbo in his bed when my kids wake up and want their cheerios? NO.

Kate is certainly no prize herself, but none of us are at our best with a crowd of little kids underfoot all the time AND in the year or so following an ugly divorce. Say what you will about her, she is the one who has been there doing what needs to be done to keep the ship afloat. She gets trashed for the occasional trip here and there, while the idiot father just took off entirely, emotionally and physically, and now she gets trashed for keeping the kids from him. Do we know this for sure? Maybe she does offer, but he’s too busy with his Girlfriends Who Are Too Young To Know Better to spend time with the kids. If he wanted different, he should have insisted on a “right of first refusal” clause in the custody order– so that she has to offer him the kids if she can’t care for them during her scheduled time– and if he didn’t, then too bad for him.

Just because Kate is a difficult person and is not handling her single life and her “fame” with the most possible grace does not mean that she’s doing everything wrong. Who among us would look good every second in her position? A real man fights for his family– if Jon wanted to be there for his kids he would have kept his pants on when it mattered, but barring that, he would have fought for more custody time in the divorce. Don’t blame her for his lack of gonads.

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HI 50

Posted at 4:39 AM on February 16, 2011  

DESPERATELY trying to repair her image and promote the New Zealand/Australia trip!

She’s a Hollywood PIRIAH! If she was so great, why isn’t she on The View? Sheri’s on leave, there are guest hosts…and guess what? She WASN’T INCLUDED! NO promotions from The Talk, NO promotions from ANY MEDIA program! Why? Because every time she opens her big mouth, she damages her image WORST than anyone else can!

BTW, she ostracized her entire family & replaced family with PAID EMPLOYEES! When the program ends & the PAID employees move on, she WILL BE ALL ALONE!

She threw Jon under the bus AGAIN when she opened her BIG mouth & said the crew were like Dads to the Gossselin 8. Were there background checks on all these supposedly father figures? Time will tell.

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Posted at 2:47 PM on February 15, 2011  

Its Valentines day for gods sake leave the woman alone. you nosey pricks.

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Posted at 9:25 PM on February 15, 2011  

ITA! Did they even stop to think that maybe Jon didn’t want to keep them? He didn’t even go after custody of them. He said they were the reason he lost his 20’s.

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HI 50

Posted at 4:22 AM on February 16, 2011  

Another stupid sheeple statement! She said, “….99% of what’s online…is not true!” Basically, everyone is a LIAR, including ALL her idol worshippers!

Katie needed ALONE time with Steve, on Valentine’s Day! Hahahha, EVERBYBODY KNOWS THAT! Too bad for Gina, Katie doesn’t give a flying F*!k about stealing another woman’s man. Katie gets what Katie WANTS.

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Posted at 7:02 PM on February 16, 2011  

well said hi 50. again she opened her mouth and spewed lies. she wanted stevie time. i am wondering why sharon osbourne didn’t interview her. she would have reamed her.

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