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Chuck Is Left Heartbroken, Plus 4 More OMG Moments From This Week’s ‘Gossip Girl!’

Tue, February 15, 2011 8:45am EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

The Upper East Siders’ hearts bled red on the Feb. 14 episode!

Talk about a Valentine’s Day disaster! First Chuck (Ed Westwick) lost his business, his family — and his valentine! Meanwhile, Blair (Leighton Meester) learned the truth about Chuck and Raina (Tika Sumpter), Ben lied to Serena (Blake Lively), Rufus (Matthew Settle) went date-less, and Eric (Connor Paolo) was kidnapped by Damien!

Last week, we thought the relationship between Chuck and Raina was just Chuck’s way of trying to save Bass Industries, but this week’s episodes proved we were sorely mistaken. It turns out he actually was being sincere! But he once again put his business before family, friends and love. When he found out Mr. Thorpe and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) used to date, and that her involvement with Bass Industries was causing a conflict, he removed her rights to the company! When Lily found out, she confronted Chuck in front of Raina, leaving her to see the cold-hearted man Chuck really is. This prompted Raina’s dad to take Chuck out of  his father’s company, leaving Chuck completely alone.

Here are the rest of my ‘OMG’ moments from this week’s episode:

1. Bass Industries is done for!

What will Chuck Bass be without Bass Industries? It seems like he’s exhausted all of his possible avenues of saving his father’s company, and now he definitely doesn’t have Lily’s support! What will he do? Try one last time to win it back with the help of Nate’s dad?

2. Ben lied to Serena!

Serena (Blake Lively) and Ben first decided they weren’t going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which was fine with Ben, because he said he was going to be “tutoring” all night. But when Serena showed up at Chuck’s party, she caught him in a lie! He later made it up to her with a secret rendezvous at a dive bar.

3. Blair & Dan hold hands!

Dan (Penn Badgley) was on a mission to find Blair so she would send his article to Details. Unfortunately, his stalker-ish ways caused them to witness the fall out between Chuck and Raina, which brought a tear to Blair’s eye as she realized Chuck had really fallen for her. But as any good friend would do, Dan comforted her with a simple holding of the hand. Then they watched Rosemary’s Baby together… on the phone.

4. Damien kidnaps Eric!

Just when we thought Damien was out of the picture after being busted for dealing drugs, he made a surprise appearance at the end of this week’s episode! First, he blackmailed Eric with the information he has on Lily and Ben. Then he forced Eric to go with him to an unknown location. Scary!

What did you think BFFs? Are Blair & Dan just going to be friends now? Are you scared for Eric? Do you think Chuck has one last chance at saving Bass Industries?


— Nicole Karlis