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'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Had Permission To Be At Victim's House, Says Source! Exclusive!

Thu, February 10, 2011 5:19pm EDT by 1 Comment

Jenelle is being accused of breaking and entering AGAIN, but a source close to the ‘Teen Mom’ says she had permission to be there!

We were the first to tell you Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had yet another run-in with the law. On Feb. 9, Jaelanie Salas had Jenelle served with two different misdemeanor criminal summonses accusing her of breaking and entering, injury to real property, second degree trespass and [making a] harassing phone call Feb. 7. Now, a source very close to Jenelle tells exclusively that these allegations are completely false!

“Jaelanie gave Jenelle permission to be in the house that day,” the source says.

But then Jaelanie kicked Jenelle and her boyfriend Kieffer Delp out because she was annoyed they didn’t invite her to join them on a Walmart run. “Jaelanie told them all to get out of the house,” notes the insider.

That’s when Kieffer realized that his keys were missing and possibly locked in the house, the source adds. At this point, Jaelanie was no longer at the property, but gave Jenelle and Kieffer permission to enter the premises to search for the keys.

Jalenie told them to “break the wood that was on the broken door to get into the house and find his keys,” the source clarifies. But apparently Jaelenie switched modes and decided to call the cops on Jenelle and Kieffer because she was still upset about being left out earlier.

The source confirms that law enforcement arrived on the scene, but neither Jenelle nor Kieffer were taken into custody.

Just two days prior to the incident, MTV filmed scenes for Jenelle’s story for their hit show Teen Mom 2, adds the source.

Jenelle’s criminal attorney informs us that these charges will most likely be dismissed. “During the March 7 court date, I will be appointed to her case since I represent her on the other matters,” he explains. “I’ve have some doubts about Jaelanie Salas [and] I’ve got some information that might be able to get those charges dropped right away.”

These new summons will not effect Jenelle’s criminal hearing for charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and breaking and entering (for which she was arrested in Oct. 2010) on April 14, notes the attorney. But, “it’s something that I need to deal with now. It will change the game plan but will not effect the final result.”

— Jessica Finn and Lindsey DiMattina