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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Adam Moves Back In With Chelsea And Kailyn Is Kicked Out Of Her Home! Drama!

Wed, February 9, 2011 12:16am EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was called “Too Much, Too Fast”: – which definitely sums up the crazy changes these moms faced this week! Keep reading to catch up with all your favorite gals!

This episode sure had a lot of apartment and housing drama- with two teen moms being told to leave their homes and never come back, while the two others are now living with their baby’s fathers and struggling to make it work!

Chelsea Houska took her jerk baby daddy Adam back last week, against her dad’s advice but the teen mom still seems convinced she can make things work. Though instead of taking things slow, Chelsea gets the brilliant idea to let Adam move into her apartment with her and baby Aubree! What is she thinking? People don’t change overnight! She does set a list of ground rules for her on-again boyfriend to obey while they live together including the conditions  he gets a job, pays child supports and gets along with her roommate, who, rightfully so, isn’t thrilled about her new housemate! Once Papa Houska gets wind of his daughter’s new livening situation, he is totally pissed and disappointed, but surrenders to the wishes of his daddy’s girl and lets him stay. Chelsea and Adam may seem happy now, but I’m not holding my breathe for a fairytale ending between these two.

Kailyn Lowry is still living under the same roof as her ex Jo and his family, which I still think is the worst idea in break-up history! “We argue a lot,” she says. Well no kidding! There is a reason you broke up! I can’t imagine living with my ex! When the fighting gets too much for Jo’s family to bear, he and Kailyn are both thrown out of the house! Jo takes baby Issac to his aunt’s house in New Jersey while Kailyn decided to crash with a girlfriend for a night. The two still hadn’t come to a conclusion about where they would live at the end of the episode. Single mom and homeless? What could be worse?

Janelle Evans’ constant fighting with her mother Barbara Evans, who has legal custody of baby Jace, isn’t showing signs of stopping. It seems these two women can’t even be in the same room without tearing each other apartment. The latest catalyst in this war was Janelle asking her mom to help her find a form she needed to apply for financial aid for college. Then after Janelle oversleeps and is late to babysit her son one morning, all hell breaks lose. Her mom calls her “the worst piece of s*** mother” and Janelle breaks down in the arms of new boyfriend Kieffer, sobbing “nobody loves me!” Unfortunately for the wild child, her mom doesn’t take pity and tells her to stay away from the house permanently. As harsh as that sounds, it’s hard to feel sorry for such an angry irresponsible young “mom.” Even her boyfriend had to admit to Janelle, “you do bring some of it on yourself.” Janelle vows she will get her son back soon, though I pray that’s not true!

Leah Messer reunited with boyfriend Corey after dealing with daughter Ali’s medical issues last week. The happy couple seems committed to being a family, but it looks as though Corey has some issues watching Ali and Aleeah alone. When Leah leaves him home with the twins for a few hours, Corey calls her over and over asking “Where are the bottles? Where are the babywipes? Please come home soon!” Leah hoped that Corey realized all the hard work she was doing raising the girls and pleads with him to step up and contribute. But despite the bickering,  I have a feeling these two will be just fine. Twins are double tough but with love and attention, Leah and Corey can be great parents!

Ashley Joy Parker