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Lindsay Lohan Is Driving Her Lawyer Crazy, Says Insider! Exclusive

Wed, February 9, 2011 9:59pm EDT by 12 Comments
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Lindsay’s attorney “is in lawyer hell,” an insider close to Shawn Chapman Holley tells us

Lindsay Lohan‘s legal woes are so numerous, it’s difficult to keep her arrests straight. Imagine trying to be her lawyer, constantly defending a girl who can’t seem to learn how to do the right thing, no matter how many chances she receives. Shawn Chapman Holley has been Lindsay’s lawyer since March 2009 and a source tells she is sick and tired of Lindsay’s constant legal troubles.

“Shawn is in lawyer hell,” says a friend close to Holley, “Every time she thinks there is an end in sight with Lindsay, she gets a new case! This is someone who just wants to get out.”

And Holley isn’t just dealing with the legal side of Lindsay’s life like her new felony grand larceny charge and her probation being revoked, she also has to play family therapist! “Shawn spends all of her time on the phone with Lindsay and her family. She has to deal with the inhouse fighting between Michael and Dina. Multiple people are expressing their opinion. She has a very fine line of listening to what her client wants, and doing what is actually in her client’s best interest.”

Holley has a six-year-old daughter, and our insider says her days consist of dropping her child off at school and then rushing to deal with Lindsay all of the time. “She’s always putting out fires. She tries to have a celebratory drink every time she gets Lindsay to stay out of jail, and then the next day Lindsay’s breaking the law again! It’s a career-ruiner from a defense attorney’s point of view. She has no time for her other clients, and it is very challenging for her.”

So why is Holley sticking with Lindsay despite all of the stress? “She has an ethical responsibility not to abandon her client,” affirms our insider.

Holley briefly quit last July, but that didn’t last long. “When it comes down to it, Shawn’s done a great job for Lindsay. She hasn’t gone to jail yet. But at some point, the criminal justice system stops trying to rehabilitate you and starts to punish you. I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t get [jail] time. Maybe that will be good for her. She needs to go to the Robert Downey Jr. school of rock bottom!” asserts our source, alluding to RDJ’s felony conviction which eventually led him to turn his life around.

Eek! Sounds like poor Shawn Chapman Holley has quite the handful with Lindsay. Do you feel sorry for Holley? Sound off below!

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