Halle Berry's Bitter Revenge Against Gabriel Aubry — She Just Wants To Ruin His Reputation! That's Pathetic!

Wed, February 9, 2011 11:43am EST by 10 Comments

Throughout their twisted custody battle over daughter Nahla, Halle has thrown Gabriel under the bus. She purposely wants to destroy his image so that she looks like a super mom!

Things have gotten downright dirty in the custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over 2-year-old Nahla, and it sure looks like Halle is the instigator. “She is planting stories about him. This is a total smear campaign,” a friend tells Us Weekly. And this isn’t out of the ordinary for Halle, who has pulled this kind of behavior before. But, is this all a part of her secret plan to ruin Gabriel’s good name or is Halle really concerned for her daughter’s well-being?

Halle V. Gabriel — fighting over Nahla’s race now!

“Halle can be insecure and loves to make someone else the bad guy,” a source close to the actress, 44, says. And right now, that villain is Nahla’s father. “She’s on a mission to trash Gabriel. She’s vindictive.” People who have worked with Halle say that you have to watch your back around her. “She has a bad temper,” admits a close friend. “I love her to death, but if you cross her she goes nuts.” Which is pretty much what she’s been doing the past few weeks, calling Gabriel, 35, a racist and claiming that Nahla is not safe with him. “Gabriel has wanted nothing more than to move the process of Nahla’s custody along quickly and quietly,” an insider tells Star magazine. “He was really blindsided by the hurtful comments from Halle’s camp.”

Nahla was “traumatized” after a visit with her dad

But, this kind of behavior is nothing  new for Halle. After she ended her marriage to baseball player David Justice in 1997, she filed a temporary restraining order (David denies he ever threatened her) and said the divorce nearly drove her to commit suicide. In 2004, Halle called her marriage to Eric Benet “horrific,”  and claimed that he was a sex-addict, ultimately destroying Eric’s image.

This time, Halle was ticked off by her jealousy over Gabriel’s fling with Kim Kardashian, which is totally hypocritical because she’s involved with French actor Olivier Martinez. “Kim is younger and hotter than Halle, who can be incredibly vain,” a source tells Star. “It drove her crazy to see them together in public.” Additionally, a source explains to Us Weekly that Halle did not want Nahla “involved in a reality show” and was angry that cameras would be following her.

Halle, cameras follow you and your daughter every day, and you have no problem with that. Do you only want them to see you with her so that you come across as some sort of a super mom?

Hollywood’s 10 nastiest custody battles

Right now, it appears that Gabriel is taking the high road and has refused to talk about the racism comment or the apparent sperm donor email. “There’s no way Gabriel would even consider leaking any of that material,” a source tells Star. “To him nothing is more important than sparing Nahla from any further embarrassment when she’s old enough to understand what went down between her parents…He knows that airing dirty laundry in public would only be hurtful to Nahla — now and in the future.” So HollyMoms, what do you think is going on here? Is Halle doing the right thing by filing for full custody or should she quit the dirtiness and straighten things out for the sake of her daughter?

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 5:23 PM on February 17, 2011  

Whoever wrote this article is just as dumb as all the Negative comments made regarding the Ms. Beautiful Halle Berry. Eat your hearts out, you jealous -UCKS!!!!!.

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Posted at 5:19 PM on February 17, 2011  

To all the Halle bashers, Go -uck Yourselves!!! Your a bunch of crazy, Jealous, Worthless, Racist Pigs.

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Posted at 9:52 AM on February 17, 2011  

Halle is doing the right thing…protect your daughter at ALL cost!

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halle hoebag

Posted at 3:48 PM on February 15, 2011  

Ms. Hoebag Berry should move to Africa and then they can both be BLACK! UGH! She is seriously mental. No guy should date this wackjob.

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Posted at 5:30 PM on February 17, 2011  

Hey Doofus, why don’t you go in your kitchen, lift the garbage lid and look at your reflection, ugh! Trashy isn’t it.

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Posted at 6:20 PM on February 10, 2011  

I agree Sandra. Society sees Halle for what she is without knowing her DNA make up. When Nahla tans as biracial kidsl typically do, their skin tone changes and the greater gene manefest. So of course she will identify herself as black. There is nothing wrong with that. I don’t understand why white people are offended by that. That one drop rule she said was a bit racy because of it’s malicious origin, but nevertheless it has some truth because the black gene always dominates anything it mixes with.

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Posted at 12:40 AM on February 10, 2011  

I think we forget that Halle identifies herself as Black but she is of mixed race. Early in her career, when she was doing mostly African American movies, she was quite vocal about her troubles and experiences growing up of mixed race. it was very difficult for her. He concern about race is not to about race; it is about HEALTHY self image you shape that child. Telling a child that she is WHITE when her mother is BLACK teaches a negative self image. The child obviously has black features and most likely will identify herself as Black when she gets because of that. So to teach her she is white would be to her detriment. It is very important to protect her from that influence at this age.

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Posted at 1:27 PM on February 9, 2011  

if they don’t straighten this out the only loser in the case will be poor Nahla. If the courts had any sense they would appoint a guardian ad litem (sorry can’t spell :) ) for this child throughly investigate all homes that she would live in in both the us and canada and do extensive home studies to see the situation with each parent. then based on that make a decision. there are to many rumors out there to go on anyone’s word. besides they will probably all lie to get what they want. so better to have some who will not gain from this look into it.

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Posted at 1:13 PM on February 9, 2011  

Halle will win! Thought.you knew that mad black women always win.

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Posted at 12:03 PM on February 9, 2011  

When it becomes about race…I don’t see anyone trying to side with Halle. They were already on Gabriel’s side from the beginning. Whatever he says will be shown as the truth and Halle as the mad crazy black woman. She should know better not to open this can of worms.

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