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Bonnie Says: Superbowl Night Was Spectacular Entertainment — Between Eminem Ads, Glee & Arod — Who Cares About A Botched Anthem!

Mon, February 7, 2011 12:33pm EDT by 3 Comments

There’s a whole lost of tut tutting going on this morning after the hours-long Superbowl extravaganza — Christina Aguilera botched the anthem lyrics and the Black Eyed Peas were botched up by bad mikes. Enough already!

Come on guys — you are spoiled by the extravagance of riches on Superbowl night. Not only was the football spectacular with both teams — the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Stealers — playing Oscar-worthy games, but it was a non-stop feast of celebrity sightings.

Between the anthems, the ads, the halftime show, the glimpses of stars in the crowd — Cameron feeding popcorn to Arod in the stands — the Superbowl has seriously turned into as high wattage a night as the Oscars, Grammys or Golden Globes.

Even if you don’t know a wide receiver from a tight end, SB evening is riveting! In fact — don’t hate me football fans — there’s barely enough football time between the star -infested ads, to tweet and hit the dip — before you have to settle back in to not miss a famous face.

Or famous legs. Were you not entertained by Joan Rivers barely covered in a “rockette-style” costume for GoDaddy , Roseanne Barr getting slammed by a log for Snickers, Justin Bieber losing his hair and growing a beard for Best Buy, Kenny G serenading burglars and the cast of Glee performing in a full -on Vaudeville-esque Chevy commercial.

Now enough of the grumbling over Christina and the Black Eyed Peas. Who knew why Aguilera really flubbed the anthem — did she party so much she burned out her brain cells or is her ego so enormous, she thought she could improve on the original  the lyrics by  Francis Scott Key? Whatever…. she got you to pay attention to the national anthem and you’re STILL talking about it.

As for the epic fails on The Black Eyed Peas mikes. Admit it — doesn’t it just take you back to high school football games — someone’s mike ALWAYS fails. Which just goes to prove that the Superbowl is just an extension of “real” life and we will never be the Beijing Olympics… but we’ll laugh a lot more!

And guess what — no matter whatever else goes wrong, you can always count on Usher to be perfection!

Finally, as if the Superbowl wasn’t super enough, the entertainment marathon, was capped off by an hour of Cheerios and football angst on Glee. And while Sue went so beserk , threatening to blow up Britney ,and what was that Dalton school sectional practice — watching Glee kids as ghouls in their version of Thriller, was worth the wait. My only complaint of the night — I wanted more, more, more!

More Glee Thriller, shot from more angles. More Black Eyed Peas singing and dancing Dirty Bit, more Tom Arnold shoveling snow  in preparation for next year’s Superbowl and at least one more football quarter to keep those long -haired hunks playing ball.

Admit it HollywoodLifers — Superbowl night was super duper!

–Bonnie Fuller

Christina A

Lea Michele

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