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Jennifer Lopez's 2-Year-Old Daughter Sings “Like Shirley Temple!” That Is One Talented Family!

Sun, February 6, 2011 5:18pm EDT by 2 Comments

She might not be ready to take center stage on ‘American Idol,’ but Emme, 2, is already taking after her musical parents!

Jennifer Lopez dished to Rachael Ray about her little girl’s adorable talent: “It’s funny when you listen to her, because…she sings out of pure joy and pleasure.” The segment will air on the Rachael Ray Show Monday, Feb. 7.

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It wouldn’t be hard for Emme to get all the coaching she needs, considering she takes after not only J.Lo, but also Grammy winner Marc Anthony. The 2-year-old crooner might have to get in a few more practice sessions working a crowd, because “The minute she thinks you’re watching her, she stops. But she has a beautiful little voice, almost like a little Shirley Temple vibrato type thing.” Maybe she’s destined to be a strictly-in-the-shower singer like the rest of us!

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Her brother Max isn’t so shy — the rambunctious toddler is into everything! Especially when the couple travels, according to Jennifer, “. . . the minute we get anywhere, we put everything away. No flowers, no nothing, no cups, no forks, no knives, no fruit. [He’s] into everything, and just wants to throw and break everything in the world.”

Sounds like a typical 2-year-old!
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