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ANOTHER Mother Kills Her Young Children — What Is Making These Women Snap?

Fri, February 4, 2011 1:01pm EDT by 3 Comments

Heartbreaking — this mother is accused of murdering her three young children by blowing them up. What is going on?

After hearing the news of Florida mom Julie Powers Schenecker shooting her teenage children in cold blood, this story just breaks my heart. What is causing these seemingly loving and caring mothers to commit such terrible crimes?

Florida mom Julie Powers Schenecker planned ahead to kill her kids!

Theresa Riggi, 47, a California native who moved to the U.K. 13 years ago with her husband Pasquale Riggi, appeared in court for the first time today after being accused of killing her three children, 8-year-old twin boys AugustinoAustin” and GianlucaLuke” and five-year-old Cecilia, in a gas explosion in her Edinburgh home on August 4, 2010. Theresa is being faced with three charges of murder and one charge of grossly and recklessly causing a gas explosion. Prosecutors say police found the children’s deceased bodies covered in knife marks. How awful. What was this woman thinking?

This mother killed her infant for interrupting her Farmville game

Therese is alleged to have removed a gas nob from it’s place and undone screws from burner valves in order to release gas into the house. She made sure the windows and doors were securely locked and then ignited the gas, causing the deathly explosion. The children’s father Pasquale, an oil engineer who was traveling for work at the time of the incident, is obviously still shocked by the death of his babies. “You are paralyzed with grief,” he explains. “You are not sure what to do next.” The last time Pasquale saw Austin, Luke and Cecilia was on July 4, a month before the explosion.

This mother murdered her children with a sword

“The reality of it all is difficult to take all at once. You can’t even get your head around it,” he says of his loss. “It’s almost like it’s happening to someone else and you keep asking yourself, ‘Is it me, is this my family?’ And then the reality hits you that it is.”

–Leigh Blickley

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