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Kirstin Says: The Surgeons Discover Twitter, Plus Callie & Arizona Are Havin' A Baby On 'Grey's Anatomy'…Huzzah!

Fri, February 4, 2011 4:06am EDT by 2 Comments

Courtesy of ABC

Grey’s Anatomy got it’s groove back tonight with an episode that was both funny and touching! I loved it!

After a rocky season thus far, all is right again on Grey’s Anatomy! In the Feb. 3 episode titled “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go),” Callie and Arizona officially reunite, Cristina is back to her cutthroat self and Bailey becomes a Twitter sensation. It was funny, light hearted and focused — just like the good old days!

The episode began with Callie (Sara Ramirez) forcing Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) to make a decision. She could either partner with Callie in raising her and Mark’s baby or bail on the relationship.

“Are you in? Or are you out?” Callie asks her.

After a beat, Arizona responds, “I’m in. But I’m still so, so mad at you. You have to give me a minute.”

Obviously, I’m tickled as can be my favorite lesbian duo is back in business, but I don’t think Arizona has the right to hold Callie’s sexcapades with Mark over her head. SHE’S the one who ditched Seattle for Africa, leaving Callie heartbroken — not the other way around.

The other bummer about this whole baby making sitch is it’s now a cock block in Mark Sloan and Lexie’s relationship, which was finally healthy again. When Miss Lexie finds out Callie is pregnant with Mark’s baby, her poor little face drops. “How the hell did you get me in this position TWICE? I — it’s unbelievable. You are unbelievable!” she yells at Mark, storming out of the apartment.

She definitely has a point. Sloan keeps springing these kids on her and she’s not even 30. Poor thing. I’d be pissed too.

Meanwhile, Twitter has hit Seattle Grace Mercy West’s OR and Dr. Bailey is becoming an Internet sensation, thanks to her residents, who are tweeting during her operations.

At first, the Chief is horrified by the idea of introducing online social networking during surgery. “Twitter? What the hell is a Twitter?” he asks.

Best line of the night came as he’s attempting to research the newfangled technology on his office computer. “I’m trying to look at Bailey’s teets on the Internet,” he said, totally unaware.

I lolzed for days when I heard that. I’m a sucker for potty humor, what can I say?  I wish Dr. Bailey was actually tweeting. I’d follow her for sure.

What did YOU think of “Don’t Deceive Me?” Are you stoked for the Callie baby storyline or do you still wish it was Meredith and Derek’s baby? Sound off below!