Kirstin Says: Come On, LA! Surely You Have Better Talent Than THAT To Show 'American Idol!'

Fri, February 4, 2011 12:49am EST by Add first Comment

American Idol hit up Los Angeles for the season 10 auditions Feb. 3 and found no one memorable! How could that be the case in the second largest city in the country?

I feel like American Idol just stole an hour of my life and I want it back. Tonight my favorite reality show headed to the City of Angels to find some talent for season 10, but apparently it didn’t look hard enough — we wound up with no noteworthy contestants. Actually, scratch that. We met the Human Tornado

“The Human Tornado,” formerly known as Cooper Robinson, claims he’s a street performer from somewhere deep in Arkansas. He’s not sure how old he is, but he tells the judges he thinks he’s approximately 59 years old and then proceeds to sing/yell/butcher James Browns‘ legendary hit, “I Feel Good.”

Thanks, FOX — we waited an entire episode to witness this gem. I’ve lived in LA for nearly 10 years and run into talented singers almost every day who I think would kill on Idol. Where were these people during the auditions this season? Did LA boycot American Idol?

To be fair, there was a pair of adorable brothers, Aaron and Mark Gutierrez, who rocked my socks. They both got put through to Hollywood, but they were the only ones I remember liking. Did you feel like tonight’s episode was a dud too? Was there any talent that stood out to you? Sound off below!

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