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LAURA’S LOVE ADVICE: Do You Have A Right To Go Crazy Like Halle Did When Her Ex Dated A Hottie Like Kim K?

Thu, February 3, 2011 12:12pm EDT by 2 Comments
Getty Images, Fame Pictures

Halle Berry was so furious that Kim Kardashian dated baby daddy Gabriel Aubrey that the former couple’s custody battle has turned vicious. Is Halle in the wrong?

Hell hath no fury like a Halle Berry scorned! The Oscar winner is in the midst of a bitter custody battle with Gabriel Aubrey due, in part, to her jealousy over his short-lived relationship with gorgeous reality star Kim Kardashian. But is it way out of line that Halle went postal because she couldn’t control her ex’s love life?

Kim and Gabriel did not have a lengthy relationship. Although the two surely had a handful of hot dates (although, to the naked eye, their dates seemed fairly harmless: a screening of Burlesque and a Lakers game) in November, by December Kim had moved on to New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries. Seemingly, there would be no reason for the former Bond girl to leak such damning info to the press — she claimed Gabriel had used a racial slur against her.

But do we always need a reason for the nuclear things we do? Not really. In fact, Halle also sent her ex the cruelest of emails, which simply read: “You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation.” Like a heat-seeking missile, she’s setting out to destroy him.

Although certain sources say that Halle simply didn’t want daughter Nahla, nearly 3, exposed to the reality star’s crazy on-camera life, is there really an excuse for her behavior?

The answer here is NO. Although our instincts are usually to vent and act out our anger, it’s never beneficial in the long run to have a nasty relationship with your ex, especially if there’s a child involved. If you’re furious that your ex cheated or dated your arch-nemesis or even someone you don’t approve of, you still need to be the bigger person. It sucks, but regardless of what your ex did, you need to be civil.

Halle’s behavior is only going to incense Gabriel to fight back against her nuttiness and release damaging information of his own. His back is up against a wall because she fought dirty in her bid to get custody of Nahla. So remember, if you start slinging mud about an ex — whether it be about the size of his member, how good he is in bed, or perhaps even throwing out a *little white lie* (like saying he has STD’s to keep potential new girlfriends away), he’s going to hear of it and fight back. You’ll find yourself in a battle of he said/she said, and you might lose.

The moral of the story: don’t let your green-eyed monster out to play, because it’s only going to hurt you in the end.


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