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'Jersey Shore' Recap: All The Girls Bond At A Sex Shop & Ronnie & Sammi Have A Tearful Break Up

Thu, February 3, 2011 11:31pm EDT by HL Intern 3 Comments

So many things happened in this episode of ‘Jersey Shore’ that it was a little hard to keep up!

This week’s episode starts off with us learning a little bit more about Ronnie then we’d ever want to know! After going out one night, Ronnie wakes up feeling sick, and tells Sammi he needs to go to the doctor because he’s bleeding when he goes to the bathroom. Ew, that is way too much information! But the doctor says Ronnie will be fine as long as he cuts back on the alcohol.

Luckily, the rest of the show isn’t nearly as disgusting as that. This week definitely gave us some really funny Snooki moments. Not only did she break a kid’s tricycle at the store and leave it there, but she also talked about how hot she thinks Pauly D is. She even said that she’s “going to take Pauly’s sperm and make babies out of them.” OMG! When Snooki met a guy named Jeff at the club, who she called the perfect guido, it seemed like maybe she had finally found the love she’s been looking for. But when he said he would buy her a promise ring in a few months as long as she was “good”, he totally freaked Snooki out — she immediately ditched him!

Snooki, J-Woww, Sammi and Deena all decide to have a little bonding time — at the local sex shop, of course! It’s nice to see all the girls in the house hanging out and not arguing for once! While the girls are trying on silly outfits and shopping at the sex store, the guys are food shopping and cooking dinner. Pauly, Mike and Vinny don’t seem to mind, but Ronnie gets mad that the girls didn’t clean anything. He even says, “We cook, we clean… isn’t that their job?” about the girls. Not cool, Ronnie! It sparks a fight between Ronnie and Sammi once again.

When everyone goes out to the club that night, Pauly once again runs into Danielle, his “stalker” from the first season of Jersey Shore. Even though she threw a drink in his face the last time she saw him, the two make up and Pauly brings her back to the house, where all the guys make fun of her for being a stalker the whole time.

Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi are still fighting. Is it just me, or is Jersey Shore starting to feel like the Ronnie and Sammi show? All these two do is fight! This time, everyone in the house is getting more than a little annoyed with them, especially since no one has any idea what they’re fighting over this time. In the end, they decide to break up — Sammi even says she’s going to move out of the room! I can’t help but feel like they’ll be back together soon though!

— Jessica Booth