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Now Halle Berry Says Nahla Was 'Traumatized' After A Visit With Gabriel—Is She For Real? Or Just Playing Dirty?

Thu, February 3, 2011 5:21pm EDT by Add first Comment

A friend of the actress says 2-year-old Nahla was “kicking and screaming” because she didn’t want to visit her father, but can Halle win full custody for this?

The custody battle between Halle Berry, 44, and her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, 35, keeps getting worse and worse. The latest information puts Gabriel in a very bad light, with sources close to Halle saying that the pair’s 2½-year-old daughter Nahla became hysterical after her dad picked her up for a visit a few days before the Christmas holiday. “She was crying and kicking and screaming,” one source close to Halle tells People. “She was hanging onto her mother’s legs so she didn’t have to go.” Could it be that Gabriel is “a bad parent?” Or is Halle leaking all this stuff to the press in an attempt to get the upper hand in the custody battle?

Halle tells Gabriel he was simply a sperm donor! Harsh!

The source adds that when Halle attempted to calm her daughter’s tantrum, Gabriel grew impatient and “got Nahla and forced her into the car.” This incident obviously left Halle very upset and is what caused a lot of the bitterness among the parents, who used to be friendly for the sake of their daughter. Friendly seems like a ways away now considering Halle told Gabriel he was “only good for one thing,” that one thing being his sperm.

Other sources close to the actress claim that these kind of hysterics played out a couple of times, including one episode where Nahla appeared “traumatized” after a visit with Gabriel. The insiders say these incidents are what made Halle fear for her child’s well-being. “Those who know Gabriel well fortunately don’t believe a thing about what is being said,” a source close to the model says. “This is a very difficult time for Gabriel. He doesn’t need this right now.” Will all of Halle’s tactics help her get the full custody she is obviously aiming for?

Halle says  Gabriel used a racial slur against her

“If Halle Berry is using this a ploy to gain advancement in litigation and it turns out to be false, and her credibility is diminished, then the court siding with her is much less likely,” Chris Mancini, Legal Expert and Family Law Expert tells “If it’s not true, it’s a dangerous game. And if it is true, it must be investigated. He adds, “A parent has a right to interact with their children. If she thinks she will get full custody she has a difficult road ahead to meet those legal standards.” And apparently Halle’s tactics aren’t uncommon among parents fighting for full custody. “This is not a normal tactic—does it happen yes,” Chris Mancini explains. “Most people require the child has visitation and contact with both parents—that’s how most family cases are approved by the courts.” So HollyMoms, who is right in this situation? And do you think Nahla is really terrified of her father?

–Leigh Blickley

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