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LAURA’S LOVE ADVICE: Is It OK To Be Apart From Your Man For Months Like Chelsea & Her New Hubby Have Been?

Wed, February 2, 2011 12:22pm EDT by 5 Comments

After less than six months of marriage, Marc Mezvinsky has his wife Chelsea Clinton and his job to ski in Wyoming for the winter. Is his marriage in trouble?

Warning: if your man doesn’t want to be around you, your relationship may be in a wee spot of trouble. Make that man your husband of just over six months, and you should be wiping some serious sweat off your brow. That said, you might want to show some sympathy to Chelsea Clinton, whose new husband, Marc Mezvinsky has ditched her and his high-profile job to become a ski bum for the winter!

There are problems here on so many levels it isn’t even funny — the biggest being that Marc seems to be having a midlife crisis in his early thirties. He’s traded in his stressful full-time hedge fund position at G3 to be a vagabond skier without a care in the world other than whether or not he’ll get fresh powder on his morning run.

Although Marc’s situation has nothing to do with Chelsea, it also has everything to do with her. Not only is she supporting her man’s life change decision, she’s also meeting a new guy from the one she fell in love with, one whose ambition and drive has gone right out the window. Not only that, but Marc hasn’t made the effort required of a newlywed she’s the one who’s made all the effort by visiting him in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Many men who spend their free time skiing or snowboarding have what I like to call “lost boy syndrome.” They don’t want to grow up or take responsibility for their actions. The fact that Marc traded in his structured life to be a wanderer is the perfect example of said affliction, and my prediction is that Chelsea will only be able to deal with this for so long before she packs it in.

But I digress. No, it is not OK to spend a lengthy amount of time away from your man. Whether it be a new relationship or one you’ve had for years, long distance love is nearly impossible. If you are forced to spend time apart because of a job relocation or something similar, both you and your boyfriend/husband need to make the effort to make it work: meaning, Marc needs to stick the skis in the snow and man up and take the occasional turn in the visitation cycle. He’s got a wife waiting for him back east, and she won’t wait forever…


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