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Jennifer Aniston: I Swear I'm Not A Diva!

Wed, February 2, 2011 8:42pm EDT by Add first Comment

Jen tells Conan O’Brien the rumors she’s a diva on set aren’t true and talks about her ‘hating the Rachel’ comments!

Jennifer Aniston already shot down reports claiming she’s adopting a baby and now she’s moved on to rumors she’s a huge diva on the set of her movies! The actress went on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show and set the record straight on her work ethic.

Conan asked Jen if it was true that on movie sets, it’s a rule people must stay twenty feet away from Jen. The 41-year-old beauty laughed and said “No! That was a funny one. They can’t look me in the eye? That’s hard if you’re acting with somebody.”

Conan joked back, “I noticed in your movies, nobody’s looking at you!”

The Friends star was also asked about her controversial comments stating she hates “the Rachel” hairstyle. “I didn’t hate it there, I was pretty confident about that do,” she exclaimed when looking at a photo of herself back in 1994. Jen seemed to want to move past the whole ordeal, pointing out that “the ‘do lasted seven months and had legs of 15 years.” She said, “I don’t”, then, correcting herself, “I didn’t hate it” and made a comment to Conan about he understands not wanting to be “all about a haircut.”

Jen is doing the talk show circuit to promote her film with Adam Sandler, Just Go With It. Adam’s even taking Jen to the Super Bowl this weekend in Dallas — stay tuned for more gossip on that from our reporter Russ Weakland who will be attending!

So tell us — do you think Jen’s a diva? In my opinion, she seems like a total sweetheart and I fully believe her denials that she’s a diva on movie sets. Do you agree?

Lorena O’Neil

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