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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea Is Officially Back With Deadbeat Baby Daddy & Jenelle Is Covered In Hickies!

Tue, February 1, 2011 11:50pm EDT by HL Intern 1 Comment

Tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ was called ‘Moving In, Moving On,’ and that’s exactly what happened. Keep reading to catch up with all your favorite gals!

By the end of the episode, three of the teenage mothers ended up in the arms of their baby’s father, and one in the arms of a lover — Guess who?

Chelsea Houska proved yet again that she lost her spine sometime during labor by getting back together with her baby daddy, Adam. To give the situation a frame of reference, this is the same guy who wanted nothing to do with her on 16 & Pregnant, calling her a “fat stretchmark b**ch. Chelsea’s lovable and logical father, who also pays her rent, wasn’t on board with the relationship, but the teen mom’s delusions continued to take priority. Instead of studying to graduate high school, Chelsea and Adam hit up the zoo with baby Aubree. By the end of the episode, the plan was for him to move in with her and her friend — that should be easy enough to hide from a suspicious father?!

Jenelle Evans, forever in conflict with her mother Barbara Evans, came home from a party covered with hickies! Wouldn’t she know the film crew was going to be there? Although she said she “wasn’t hungover,” her symptoms included fatigue, headache and the desire to vomit, so you be the judge. Jenelle then introduced her new boyfriend and giver of hickies, Keiffer, to her mom and it went surprisingly well. Congrats to Barbara and Jenelle for your first episode without a major meltdown and/or custody battle!

Kailyn Lowry was newly broken up with her work fling, Jordan, and didn’t seem too broken up about it. The relationship was probably for the best because this is the first episode that her baby daddy, Jo, has paid any attention to her at all. Jo even hinted at getting back together, proving that a little jealousy goes a long way.Kailyn also found herself in a pickle when she realized she couldn’t pay for college, but thankfully her rekindled kindness from Jo meant that he would loan her the money. But wait I’m confused — Is your boyfriend supposed to ask for it paid back double?

The best for last: Leah Messer and Corey are two peas in a pod. In what was truly a two-week whirlwind romance, the adorable pair got back together, both saying that baby Aleeah‘s medical issues brought them together in the best way possible.  Corey suggested that they move in together and she said yes, so they signed a lease and moved in! It is totally irrational, like most other decisions made on the hit MTV series, but somehow they earned the audience’s support.

–Brooke Peoples