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Can You Believe A Three-Year-Old Was Suspended From Preschool For Too Many Potty Accidents? That's Harsh!

Mon, January 31, 2011 4:40pm EDT by 2 Comments

Little Zoe Rosso is being punished for wetting her pants one too many times. We’re shocked!

As all moms know, young kids have trouble controlling their bladders or just can’t seem to make it to the bathroom on time. But, did you know that it can get them kicked out of school? Zoe Rosso, a three-year-old from Arlington, Va. was “removed” from Arlington Public Schools’ Montessori preschool at Claremont Elementary for having too many potty problems. Can you believe this? She’s only a little girl! Cut her some slack!

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Zoe, was suspended in early December 2010. “The principal told me that Zoe had had enough chances,” Zoe’s mom Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso tells the Washington Post. “That seemed absurd to me. It came as a total shock.”

After having to shut down her business for a month in order to concentrate on finding Zoe child care, Betsy is fighting the preschool to change it’s pee-pee policies. “We would like Arlington County to revise its policy so that other kids and other families won’t have their lives disrupted like this for something that’s totally developmentally normal,” she explains. “If a kid is emotionally and intellectually ready for school . . . then they should have the ability to go, regardless of whether their bladder has caught up with their brain.” Do you agree, HollyMoms?

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This situation might sound extreme, but Arlington’s Office of Early Childhood’s spokeswoman Linda Erdos says that it’s the way the school has always been run. “The application for these preschool programs states very clearly that children must be toilet-trained, that we can’t accept kids in Pull-Ups,” Linda says. “We understand kids have accidents, but we’re not staffed like a day-care or child-care center and can’t address a child that needs help being potty-trained.”

No Pull-Ups? Sounds a bit crazy to me! She adds that children who have eight or more accidents a month or whose potty problems disrupt the class are sent home so their parents can “intensify the potty-training process.”

HollyMoms, how do you feel about this? Should kids be removed from school for having too many accidents?

–Leigh Blickley

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