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Kim Kardashian Stumbles & Other SAG Insider Red Carpet Stories! Exclusive Video!

Mon, January 31, 2011 6:38pm EDT by 1 Comment
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Kim Kardashian trips, Nicole Kidman beams alongside Keith Urban, Lea Michele avoids reporters and more!

The stars brought the fashion and beauty to the red carpet at last night’s SAG awards.  Kim Kardashian walked the carpet in a purple gown alongside her brother Rob but when she walked over to greet her fans she tripped on her dress! There were TONS of other stars and stories — find out what else I observed!

When Kim stumbled she instantly grabbed the top of her gown to save herself from a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Angie Harmon, Susan Sarandon and Hilary Swank all joined Kim on the star-studded carpet. Check out the video above!

New parents of two Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban could not stop smiling as they held hands while walking over to greet fans and sign autographs. They swept into the Shrine Auditorium, waving at a fellow Australian photographer who shouted out “Aussie, aussie, aussie!” They were super cuddly with each other. It’s a completely different Nicole than we saw when she was married to Tom Cruise.

Kyra Sedgwick greeted Dennis Quaid and her The Closer costars, just after the announcement was released there may be a spinoff of her show. There were tons of The Office actors as well, all smiling and cracking jokes as they greeted each other.

The Glee stars were in high demand last night: Amber Riley, Jennifer Ushkowitz and Harry Shum Jr. stayed busy doing press interviews check out our chat with Harry about Charice and Justin Bieber! Lea Michele didn’t seem to be doing many interviews, she flew by me so fast I barely had time to press “record”!

A pregnant Natalie Portman glowed as she waved at fans and walked by in white. Her Black Swan costar Mila Kunis took my breath away — she looked beyond gorgeous. Her lookalike Sarah Hyland (is it just me or is she a mini-Mila?) told the press her boyfriend Matt Prokop is the only person she needs to consult when choosing a gown.

Backstage in the media room my favorite experience was watching Modern Family interact. “What could anyone ever say to Sofia except that she looks phenomenal, always, always, always?!” exclaimed Julie Bowen of Sofia Vergara‘s plunging blue dress.

“We got all the lurid comments out of the way at least I did, about the fourth day in…I just can barely not stare at them. [staring straight ahead at the audience] Am I looking at them now?” joked Eric Stonestreet before he moved on to a more serious conversation about how he and Jesse Tyler Ferguson‘s onscreen relationship affects fans. “Jesse and I get comments and compliments all the time from gay moms and gay dads who watch the show, and kids of same-sex relationships who say ‘Hey, thanks for being a couple that I can point kids who pick on me at school to, and say ‘Hey, Cam and Mitchell are kind of like my family.” Things like that transcend our job.”

Claire Danes talked about the misconceptions of autism and thanked the woman her character was based on, Temple Grandin, for all of her inspiration. Christian Bale said he shared his SAG award with Mark Wahlberg who played a “quieter role” in The Fighter. Helen Bonham Carter couldn’t reach the microphone so she stood on her toes and joked she was “black swan.”

Everyone looked amazing, and I felt just as pretty thanks to the help of upscale Beverly Hills hair salon Gavert Atelier! Thanks Mika! Watch the video to see more beautiful stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Duhamel, and Christina Hendricks.

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