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'Bachelor' Brad Womack Takes Emily Maynard On The Race Of Her Life — The Race For Love!

Mon, January 31, 2011 9:59pm EDT by 4 Comments

Courtesy Of ABC

Brad takes Emily on a group date to a race track. It’s there that he finds out her FULL, sad story. How does he react?

Wow! In previews, Brad Womack seemed like one incensitive jerk, but he sure proves himself wrong on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor! During the group date, Brad takes the girls to the Vegas NASCAR race track, only Brad doesn’t anticipate how this experience will render with poor Emily Maynard. He doesn’t know the full extent of her history and past relationship with her deceased fiance (NASCAR driver/owner Ricky Hendrick) until he finds out during the date.

“I am living a dream of mine,” Brad says. “I think the girls are happy and then I’m realizing something’s really wrong with Emily. She’s smiling but it’s almost a forced smile.”

Brad takes Emily aside and she finally tells Brad about Ricky’s work in racing and how the Vegas track ended his career as a driver. “You think you leave it behind, but then you come here … ” Emily cries to Brad. But she braves up and gets in the car to ride the track.

After some tear drops and kind words of encouragement from Brad, Emily takes off around the track. “The hardest part was getting in the car. The only other time I’ve been in a race car, I was in the passenger’s side and Ricky was driving — I was thinking how much I miss Ricky,” Emily tells the cameras. Then, “I was just thinking the first few laps are for Ricky, the last is for me and I’m just ready to move on and love again.”

“You met the love of your life, I don’t want to replace this guy,” Brad says to Emily later on in the evening. “That’s a hard space for any man to fill.”

Emily’s response? “I wouldn’t be here for half a second if I didn’t see something totally amazing in you,” she gushes.

Despite the other girls’ concern, Brad gives Emily the rose.

Ashley S., Marissa and Lisa are the women Brad sends home on tonight’s episode.

– Lindsey DiMattina