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Mother Gives Birth In A Hospital Toilet As Midwives Ignore Her Cries For Help!

Fri, January 28, 2011 9:11am EDT by 2 Comments

This is unbelievable! Sharon Willoughby’s crys for help went unanswered so she did the unthinkable — birthed her daughter in a hospital bathroom. The baby’s daddy had to scoop her out of the toilet!

Sharon Willoughby, 40, and her partner Richard Sum had no choice but to deliver their baby daughter Felicity, now 10-months-old, in the hospital bathroom because nurses ignored their screams for help. “It was very frightening, horrible,” Sharon tells the Daily Mail. “I don’t know if they were bored with the job but they didn’t take any notice.We didn’t know what was happening, no one was coming. We were later told they thought I was calling for a cup of tea.” A cup of tea? Are these nurses crazy?

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Sharon checked in to the maternity ward of King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire, UK in November and was given drugs to induce her labor. But, she claims that she was never internally examined and began experiencing excruciating amounts of pain a few hours after being induced. “Sharon went to the bathroom and started screaming. I went in and as she crouched down I saw something come out,” Richard, 38, explains. What would your husband do, HollyMoms? “We didn’t know what it was but Sharon felt the pain go. Our baby was in the toilet and Sharon looked around and realized she had given birth. We were there for 15 minutes holding the baby, pulling the alarm – but nothing happened.”

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Richard actually scooped baby Felicity out of the toilet bowl and eventually helped Sharon, who was losing a lot of blood, off of the toilet. The pair wandered down the hallway in the hopes of finding a nurse, while holding the baby, who was attached to Sharon via the umbilical cord. Can you even imagine the emotions they were experiencing at that moment?

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Alison Greenwood, the head of midwifery and gynecological nursing at the hospital apologized for the incident.”We are sorry that Mr Sum is unhappy with our care of his partner. We are currently in direct contact with the family regarding the concerns they have raised,” she says. Another midwife Maria Curtis adds to that sentiment, saying, “I have apologized to the family that on this occasion we did not meet their expectations. We will continue to talk to the family until the issues are resolved but cannot comment further on this individual case.”

Are you surprised that the staff of the hospital are taking this situation so lightly? A woman delivered her baby in a toilet bowl! I think they have a great case should they choose to sue. Don’t you?

–Leigh Blickley

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