Kim & Kourtney Forced to Confess on TV Which One Has Real & Which Has Fake Breasts!

Fri, January 28, 2011 5:01am EDT by 20 Comments

Bonnie Says: How rude is it to be invited on to CNN’s Piers Morgan’s new talk show, Jan. 27, and be grilled about your breasts! Read & vote!

Did Kim and Kourtney Kardashian agree to go on to CNN and know they would be ambushed by breast questions? Do you think it was fair for show host Piers Morgan to just blatantly ask the sisters if their breasts were real? Would he ask Hillary Clinton if her breasts were real? Oprah? Is every woman fair game for Piers? Will he be asking men the length of their members?

You have to hand it to Kim and Kourtney. They didn’t blink when Piers pulled a fast one on them.

“Are they real?” he asked, referring to their busts. “They are real,” Kim replied. “Completely percent real?’ Pier persisted, like Kim could have had one real and one fake! “They’re completely 100 percent real.” That’s when Kourtney chimed in, confessing, “these babies aren’t real.”  Responded the practically drooling Piers,  “You’ve had surgery?” like they’d be ” not real” some other way.

Listen, I know the Kardashian sisters are extremely open about their lives and they were gracious to Piers – it’s why we love them – but there was something incredibly creepy about a 45-year-old man staring at their breasts on a national talk show and demanding relentlessly to know whether they were real or fake. Did this creep you out too?

I’m surprised Kim continued to be as polite and forthcoming to Piers as she was. When asked about her boyfriend Kris Humphries, 25,  after the beast discussion,she described him as “a really good person, and said  that she would “never move in with anyone unless I was engaged or married,” which is smart of Kim. Definitely don’t do a Kourtney and end up pregnant without a ring on that finger and a commitment.

While Kim admits, “I hope to get married,” she insists there are no plans in the works, but she does fess up that she loves an athletic, beefcake- type guy like her boyfriend, six-foot-nine-inch Humphries.

“It’s fun though,” she says about Kris’ height. It’s like walking down the street and he, like picks up my hand, and I feel like a little kid that used swings.” But I bet the real secret to Kim’s attraction to Humphries and her former athlete boyfriends it this: they make her feel slim! “It’s the best way to feel skinny…tiny and skinny. So find a big tall man.”

Good tip, Kim. And hooray for you and Kourtney for keeping so cool  even when confronted by sexist questions from a male interviewer, who probably had to pinch himself from drooling in front of  you.

-Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 1:19 AM on December 23, 2013  

I work in an adult store. As a person who stares at boobs all day, I can tell you those are fake. Natural breasts don’t sit nearly as high, are not nearly as spherical as those, and have a naturally soft “under crease” to them. They are not real, and are probably due for a tune up soon.

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Posted at 5:28 PM on January 29, 2011  

Wow i never thought that woukl\ao;fahgi;

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Posted at 1:39 PM on January 29, 2011  

Kim is a liar. Kourtney has always confirmed her breast are fake. Kim’s butt and breast are fake. Kim clearly loves dating black athletes. Kris Humphries is black, he is NOT an NBA star and he plays for one of the worse teams in the NBA.

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Posted at 2:21 AM on June 21, 2012  

She has gone through a lot trying to prove her butt is real, her butt is real. She even has x rays so you need to shh. if she says its real their real.Why can’t people like you stop intruding on the Kardashian family.

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Posted at 8:07 AM on March 25, 2013  

Intruding on the Kardashian family? They’re the ones who have their own television series centered around their lives. There’s no such thing as “intruding on” a reality show family.

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Posted at 2:38 AM on January 29, 2011  

kim’s lying, she was never small breasted but she definitely got implants. The only reason kourtney had to cop to it is there’s a lot of proof exactly WHEN she got hers. She was smaller at the beginning of the kardashian show and then suddenly had huge knockers. Kim just got hers earlier, and may have upgraded like many women already(her breasts are WAY bigger now than her sex tape boobs)

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Posted at 9:45 PM on January 28, 2011  

30 going on 13! Please America stop watching! It’s Reggie Bush’s fault for giving her back her self-esteem! Now we r stuck listening to this train wreck!

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Posted at 6:08 PM on January 28, 2011  

Is it me or Kim’s face does not match with the body? I mean, the tan, the shape of her face and all… It’s such one of the worse photoshop I’ve ever seen!

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oh dear

Posted at 5:36 PM on January 28, 2011  

so what youre saying is.. if a 30 year old woman wouldve asked that question it wouldve been alright?
now whos being sexist?

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Posted at 4:01 PM on January 28, 2011  

He didn’t quiz them on it, he simply asked when they were going over their cardboard cutouts (to which Kim thought was a good idea). This is not journalism. You crudely interpreted a small fraction of the entire interview leading into that topic of conversation, and interpreted it incorrectly. Bonnie, you’re an idiot.

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Posted at 11:53 AM on January 28, 2011  

oh please, they are all fake. fake from head to toe, inside and out. So tired of reading about “reality stars” they are not real, they are not stars, they are fame whores and nothing more. They do not matter!!!

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Posted at 11:33 AM on January 28, 2011  

I feel like Kim lies a lot about her looks. I’m not sure why she thinks the public should believe she is all natural when the rest of her family isn’t.

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Posted at 10:10 AM on January 28, 2011  

Kim is such a liar! Her boobs are beyond fake! I don’t know why she just won’t admit it. Her mom’s boobs are fake, Kourtney’s boobs are fake…and her boobs are fake. It’s not a big deal. She’s had so much work done that she won’t cop to and it’s beyond annoying. Demi Moore is the same way. I don’t care that they have work done. More power to them. Just don’t lie to the American public about it. Some of us aren’t idiots.

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Posted at 10:27 AM on January 28, 2011  

Yeah I agree. I don’t know who she thinks is buying it. Really, because I’m not. Those are not real breast. I have big breast and they are not shaped like that. I don’t care how much she works out they would not be shaped like that. I don’t know why people want to lie about stuff like this. You got them so what’s the big freaking deal with just saying it.

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Posted at 9:27 AM on January 28, 2011  

Why put “Kim & Kourtney Forced to Confess Which One Has Real Breasts” as the headline for the article if you’re not even going to mention it? Grammar mistakes all over your website and big fails like this make me wonder if you take any pride in anything you put on this awful site. Not that you should, you’re always negative and you just copy stories from CBB and TMZ. I wish you’d get your act together. I really like reading some of your writers but stuff like this makes me want to delete my bookmarks and forget your website exists. SHAPE UP.

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Posted at 11:32 AM on January 28, 2011  

Maybe you should watch the video to see why the article is titled the way it is, TROLL. Why do you come back to the site if you feel the way you do? BECAUSE YOU’RE A JEALOUS TROLL.

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Bonnie fuller

Posted at 4:42 PM on January 28, 2011  

Pls read the post-we quote Kim & Kourtney each confessing about the state of her breasts. We deliver the info.

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Posted at 6:27 AM on January 29, 2011  

great eye! i was thinking the same. now that i came back to check on the comments i cant believe they edited the article and make you out to be a weirdo lol. i read it pre-edit as well and there was no mentioning the breast issue.

its one thing messing up but when you dont admit to it it makes you look even more pathetic now doesnt it.

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Posted at 4:07 PM on February 23, 2011  

She’s right…there are tons of typo’s and it is extremely unprofessional. Just about worse than Perez Hilton’s site..but at least we realize they are all refugees from Cuba that all floated here on a door.

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Posted at 7:26 AM on January 28, 2011  

oh noo no more please kim i love you and cant see you with anyone else

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