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Insiders: Charlie Sheen Wants To Be Seen As A Wild Child, Not As A Guy In Mid-Life Crisis

Fri, January 28, 2011 10:00pm EDT by 4 Comments

Two mental health experts tell Charlie Sheen did the right thing by admitting himself in rehab, but it’s going to take an incredible amount of work for him to clean up his act once and for all

After landing in the hospital following an excessive 36-hour bender that reportedly included porn stars, cocaine, alcohol and other paraphernalia, Charlie Sheen admitted himself into rehab Jan. 28. consulted with two doctors who agree Charlie’s wild behavior is a desperate, subconscious plea for help.

“Charlie is making his indulgences in excess louder, hoping that people will still see him as a ‘wild child’ and not in mid-life crisis,” media psychiatrist and bestselling author Carole Lieberman M.D. told us.

She added, “Though his acting career is a success, his love life is a disaster and a source of constant pain. His substance abuse has begun to take a more serious physical toll, so that he’s not able to bounce back as quickly as he once was.”

Although Charlie has been in and out of both jail and rehab for years, clinical psychologist and Attorney-At-Law Dr. Sheila Forman thinks the 45-year-old actor might finally clean up his act.

“This time could be different if he is willing to do what he needs to do to recover,” she said, explaining, “This would include: acknowledging that he has a problem; detoxing from the substances in his system; actively engaging in therapy; and accepting responsibility for his actions.”

Charlie’s hit CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men, is on hiatus until he goes through treatment. We hope this time Charlie can conquer his addictions and get back on the wagon for good.

Kirstin Benson