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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Is It Safe To Date A Guy Who Has A Type, Like ScarJo Is Doing With Jason Sudeikis?

Tue, January 25, 2011 2:30pm EDT by 3 Comments

Jason recently broke up with January Jones — who resembles Scarlett in more ways that one. Should she be seeing a guy who may not really like her for her?

It’s hard enough wondering whether or not a guy is really into you without bringing his ‘type’ into the equation. That said, Jason Sudeikislatest rumored lady love, the recently separated Scarlett Johansson, distinctly resembles his recent ex, January Jones. Should ScarJo keep her heart safe so she’s not just another one of Jason’s typical women?

Ordinarily, I would say that Scarlett needs to be careful, but this is a special circumstance. If she is getting hot and heavy with the Saturday Night Live star, then he’s just going to be a rebound romance. She’s in a vulnerable place after splitting from husband Ryan Reynolds, and most likely wants to have some fun and have a casual fling with a man who makes her laugh — and Jason most definitely fits the bill. Additionally, because Scarlett and Jason are BOTH going through breakups, they’re probably on the same page in that they don’t want to rush into another serious relationship.

However, given that you’re not going through a heartbreaking split, I’d be wary of dating a guy like Jason for several reasons. First and foremost, a man that dates to type is bringing in the baggage of girlfriends past. He may not necessarily like you for the right reasons; namely, he likes the way you look and may not be focusing as much on your brilliant personality.

January and Scarlett are both statuesque blonde actresses with mass amounts of sex appeal. Although they both may be hilarious intellectuals with an extensive knowledge of stamps, they both LOOK like bombshells. Jason may or may not be focusing on their finer points, and instead seems to be focusing on their finer physical attributes.

In essence, beware of a man who dates a type…unless you, too, just want to be a girl just having fun. He may fall in love with you, but will you really ever know it’s you — and not his physical ideal — that he loves?


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