Bristol Vs Levi: She Wants Him To Give Up All Parental Rights. Experts Warn It Could Permanently Damage Their Baby!

Tue, January 25, 2011 1:39pm EST by 3 Comments


Bristol Palin needs to rethink her plans to completely remove Levi Johnston from their son Tripp’s life. Experts say she’s damaging the boy! Exclusive!

Bristol Palin is trying to completely change her 2-year-old son, Tripp Johnston‘s life. She’s wants to legally switch her little boy’s last name to ‘Palin’ and she moved him thousands of miles away from his father, Levi Johnston—all the way from Alaska to Arizona! Levi is so opposed to what Bristol is doing and he’s also refusing to accept her request that he give up his parental rights to the adorable little boy, which could mean that he never gets to see him again! But can he really fight the Palins with all their fame and money?

“She is trying to bump him out of the situation,” says family lawyer Vikki Ziegler, who feels that this is a case of Bristol not needing Levi’s money and just hoping that he’ll go away so that she can live her own life as she sees fit. “There is a difference between giving sole custody and relinquishing parental rights. With sole custody, you still have rights to see the child,” she explains, adding that it’s common for the mother to have sole custody when the child is out of wedlock, as is the case with Bristol, 20, and Levi.

If Levi, 20, relinquishes all parental rights, he will no longer have to pay any child support but he could also run the risk of never getting to see his son ever again, according to Ziegler. This is especially worrisome since Bristol just moved their baby to Arizona from Alaska without his permission.

Levi’s only seen Tripp four times since November

But experts warn that Bristol’s decisions now will have serious and lasting affects on Tripp.”The problem is not the legal ramifications of this, the problem is Levi not being around his son. It’s bad for a child to not have a relationship with the father,” Marriage ,Family and Child Therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, tells “Kids who spend time bonding with their dads do better with cognitive development and IQ tests. That’s a fact.”

Dr. Berman feels that because Levi has never been known to be violent or dangerous, there’s no real reason to stop him from spending time with his son, even though she admits that the fact that he hasn’t made much time for the boy does work against him. “I understand why Bristol would think it’s important to remove Levi from their boy’s life now — only spending a few hours with him i the past few months isn’t terribly promising about his commitment to his family — but she really shouldn’t.”

Bristol wants to change her baby’s name

“If she succeeds in blocking Levi from seeing his child, then when he’s older he’ll surely be filled with resentment toward her,” psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert says. “If Levi wants to be an active dad and she prevents that, it would be cruel,” adds Dr. Berman, author SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years.

Both experts agree that the best thing that Levi and Brisol can do for the sake of their son is make sure to put his needs first. “They shouldn’t be using their child as a pawn,” says Alpert.  “Bristol should do all that she can to help foster Tripp’s relationship with his father,” says Dr. Berman.

HollyMoms, is Bristol making a huge mistake by asking Levi to drop his parental rights?

–Amy L. Harper

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Levi Johnston Has Only Seen Son, Tripp, Three Times Since ‘DWTS’ Ended In November

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Hoosier Daddy

Posted at 2:56 PM on January 25, 2011  

When are you hateful liberals going to stop trying to smear Sarah Palin’s family?

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Posted at 3:24 PM on January 25, 2011  

We stop when the palins disappear, Hoosier

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Posted at 4:48 PM on January 25, 2011  

Bristol brought this on herself. Levi didn’t go hounding her to relieve him of his responsibilities. Bristol is the one nagging Levi to relinquish his rights. If Levi is smart, he’ll go after Bristol for moving Tripp to Arizona without his permission. If he has a mind to do it, he could cause her a few big headaches over that.

It’s not about what Bristol wants, or what a parent wants for themselves. It’s about what is best for the child. Letting Trip grow up now knowing who his father is or putting up these kinds of roadblocks will not help Bristol’s cause in any way. In fact, when Tripp is older, she is the one he will end up hating. How good will spite feel to her then?

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